Wednesday, July 22, 2020

City of Prince Rupert pays tribute to community excellence with announcement of Civic Recognition Award recipients

City Council members recognized this years Civic Achievement Award
winners for 2020 at Monday's council session

The COVID pandemic may have changed the nature of the celebration, but the achievements of a number of Prince Rupert residents were marked on Monday as the City of Prince Rupert announced the list of 2020 Civic Recognition Award recipients.

The process towards that recognition began earlier this spring, when the City of Prince Rupert opened the nomination period, which ended on June 15th.

Monday night, at City Council's only July gathering, Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller announced the names of recipients, the impressive group includes:

Achievement Award -- Kristy Tillman and PRMS Band

Civic Merit Awards --  John Patterson, Donavan Dias

Sergeant Willian Booth Award for Valour -- Dylan Palmer, Dan Atkey, Keegan Silva, Garret Duffus, Mark Solmenson, Colvin Thompson and Todd Rhino

Freedom of the City Award -- Mrs. Barbara Gruber

In more normal times, the recipients would have been feted at Prince Rupert's Canada Day celebration at Mariner's Park, with the crowd on hand for the day on hand to show their appreciation for the commitment to community from those being honoured.

The COVID pandemic has of course changed much of our public celebrations, this year the awards will be mailed to the recipients and for this years Civic Recognition Recipients a smaller scale photo session is being planned for some time in the future, with the City also planning to recognize their achievement through the range of Social media platforms that they host.

Mayor Lee Brain offered his congratulations to this years recipients, with Councillor Randhawa recommending that the City post the information to the city website.

The Mayor noted that this year the City will also recognize their achievement through the range of Social media platforms that they host.

Councillor Adey thanked those who have been named for the awards and acknowledged how they make Prince Rupert a better community.

You can learn more about the Civic Recognition program here, the announcement of the recipients for 2020 can be viewed from the City's Video Archive page, starting at the 46 minute mark.

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