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Municipal Government 2020 -- Haida Gwaii

Our quick reference and archive of items from Haida Gwaii for 2020

Items from the Federal Government's Aboriginal Affairs website

Old Massett Village Council -- Haida Nation

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Skidegate -- Haida Nation

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News items of 2020


October  28 -- With time running out for residents on Haida Gwaii, MP Taylor Bachrach wants a sign of some plan from Ottawa on internet access  NCR


July 31 -- BC Conservation Service Officers tasked with travel restriction enforcement to Haida Gwaii  NCR
July 30 -- British Columbia announces restriction on non-resident tavel to Haida Gwaii  NCR
July 30 -- Provincial Emergency Order instructs BC Ferries to provide assured loading for medial patients  NCR
July 29 -- Haida Gwaii COVID case count level reaches twenty reported cases  NCR
July 29 -- In Legislature statements, MLA Rice speaks to COVID-19 on Haida Gwaii, tourism concerns across North Coast  NCR
July 29 -- Work of Acclaimed Haida artist Bill Reid to be celebrated with commemorative circulation coin  NCR
July 27 -- MLA Rice calls on Haida Gwaii residents to 'bend the curve'; echoes themes from Dr. Bonnie Henry in statement on COVID-19 outbreak  NCR
July 24 -- Community outbreak of 13 cases of COVID-19 recorded on haida Gwaii  NCR
July 20 -- With three new cases of COVID reported Friday, Council of Haida Nation relays account of reported case on the Islands and expands on the State of Emergency controls in place  NCR
July 17 -- Council of the Haida Nation keeps the welcome mat off the doorstep for now  NCR
July 10 -- BC Ferries resumes amenities service on Northern routes  NCR
July  9 -- More funding for Emergency Preparedness for Haida Gwaii and Northwest BC  NCR
July 6 -- As controversy over Haida Gwaii fishing lodge opening swirls; Prince Rupert could become transfer hub for travellers   NCR
July 4 -- More parks, trails and protected areas reopen for local day use on Haida Gwaii
July 3 -- Haida Gwaii and Northwest communities to benefit from joint Provincial/Federal infrastructure funding  NCR


June 30 -- Regional District seeks your opinion on COVID recovery; launches new Social Media presence through Facebook  NCR
June 30 -- Village of Masset working to provide call-in information for council meetings
June 30 -- Village of Queen Charlotte reopens Haydn Turner Campground, 'bear park' and more
June 29 -- Northwest Communities share in Emergency Preparedness Funding  NCR
June 29 -- Haida Nation dives into 3 year project to restore marine habitat around old logging sites
June 29 -- Power restored for more than 1,600 BC Hydro customers impacted by outage
June 28 -- Queen Charlotte Lodge confirms it will not welcome guests without support of community
June 27 -- Haida Nation commences 3 week period to review provincial impact of Phase 3
June 26 -- Naikoon Provincial Park partially reopens for day use on two trails
June 26 -- Masset anti-racism rally set to take place on July 11
June 25 -- While BC prepares to reopen for visitors, some areas of Coastal BC remain off limits  NCR
June 25 -- Taylor Bachrach on policing in the North (audio)
June 20 -- Travel ban to Haida Gwaii to remain for 'at least' 3 weeks, says Haida Nation president
June 19 -- Province steps in to prevent dropped sailings between Alliford Bay, Skidegate
June 19 -- BC Ferries reverses course on Haida Gwaii service reductions following agreement with province  NCR
June 18 -- Sandspit fire department sends almost $100K to fraudster for used fire truck
June 17 -- VQC proposes reopening Haida Gwaii to BC tourists 3 weeks behind rest of province
June 15 -- In response to COVID financial bite, BC Ferries reduces inter-island route service on Haida Gwaii  NCR
June 14 -- BC Ferries removing some sailings between Skidegate and Alliford Bay
June 12 -- Transport Canada approves more than $1 million for Masset Airport runway lighting
June 10 -- Spirit Lake Trail reopening to full time Haida Gwaii residents
June 9 -- Power restored for more than 1,500 Haida Gwaii residents impacted by outage
June 8 -- Sandspit director calls for clear plan to ease Haida Gwaii's COVID-19 travel restrictions
June 8 -- Haida Gwaii Bike Re-Psych at risk of eviction
June 7 -- Village of Queen Charlotte deactivates controversial 'snitch line'
June 5 -- Haida Gwaii libraries launch new 'takeout' curbside pickup service
June 5 -- Haida Gwaii officials still advise Non-resident and Leisure travel not permitted  NCR
June 3 -- Recycling service in Queen Charlotte, Port Clements expanding next week
June 2 -- 'Good News:' Council of the Haida Nation releases guidelines for expanding social circles
June 1 -- 'A time of transition:' CHN looking to release next steps of pandemic response this week


May 29 -- Two new bridges to be built along Highway 16 between Port Clements, Tlell
May 29 -- New Bridges highlight provincial infrastructure work on Haida Gwaii NCR
May 14 -- Council of Haida Nation led webinar reinforces call for Travel restrictions, notes plans for Highway 16 blockade and seeks meeting with Premier Horgan  NCR


April 30 -- Checkpoint plans and advice for travellers the theme of the day for the North Coast  NCR
April 30 -- First Nations and local governments put out open letter regarding non-essential travel
April 30 -- Vehicle turned around after demonstrators gather near Prince Rupert ferry terminal 
April 28 -- Northern BC cities dipping into savings to manage finances (audio)
April 28 -- Haida Gwaii residents protest arrival of visitors on BC Ferries
April 27 -- Visitors not welcome on Haida Gwaii (video)
April 27 -- Communities of Haida Gwaii no longer accepting visitors
April 27 -- 'Enough is enough': Haida Gwaii rallies to send visiting ferry traffic back to terminal  NCR
April 27 -- Haida Nation, fearing infection, escalates enforcement of visitor ban


March 19 -- Haida Gwaii self-isolates, discourages non-resident travel as COVID-19 response continues to accelerate  NCR
March 17 -- BC Ferries gains temporary waiver for Transport Canada rules on enclosed deck travel NCR
March 13 -- First Nations leadership on Haida Gwaii issues travel advisory for Island residents  NCR
March 9 -- Winds sabotage another BC Ferry sailing between Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii NCR
March 9 -- Marine Rescue call Saturday brings everyone home safe off North end of Graham Island NCR
March 4 -- Wind Warning issued for Prince Rupert, with prospect of winds of 100 km/h by midnight NCR
March 2 -- BC Ferries cancels Port Hardy and Haida Gwaii sailings this week  NCR


February 24 -- BC Ferries delays sailing for Haida Gwaii until Tuesday morning  NCR
February 21 -- Black Press dips into Federal journalism fund to fill some vacancies  NCR
February 14 -- More mid-range temblors in Haida Gwaii area on Thursday, Friday  NCR
February 4 -- Northern Development Initiative Trust's Internship Program application period now open  NCR
February 3 -- Province of British Columbia launches online consultation program on Coastal Ferries Issues  NCR


January 31 -- With adverse weather anticipated, BC Ferries revises sailing schedule for Northern Expedition NCR
January 31 -- Northwest Infrastructure the theme for MP Bachrach's first speech to the House of Commons  NCR
January 25 -- It's a sign for Haida Gwaii
January 23 -- Council Briefs
January 21 -- Shallow quake rocked 4.0
January 20 -- 4.0 magnitude earthquake rumbles South of Masset on Monday evening   NCR
January 18 -- Haida Gwaii libraries announce their most popular books from the past year
January 16 -- Queen Charlotte housing assessment jumps 31 percent
January 14 -- Power saving measures in effect of Haida Gwaii
January 13 -- BC Hydro urging customers across Haida Gwaii to conserve energy during cold period  NCR
January 11 -- Secure room for psych patients at Northern Gwaii Hospital in the works

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