Monday, January 13, 2020

BC Hydro urging customers across Haida Gwaii to conserve energy during cold period

BC Hydro is urging electrical conservation in these days of
cold temperatures for Haida Gwaii

As the temperatures plummet across Northern BC, even Haida Gwaii is feeling the impact of the cold and such is the concern for Islanders that BC Hydro has issued a advisory asking that all customers in Queen Charlotte, Skidegate, Tlell and Sandspit conserve their electricity usage.

The message was delivered through the Haida Gwaii Emergency Notification System and by way of Social Media early Monday evening, with BC Hydro noting that the grid on the Island was experiencing very high power demand which could result in an overload and subsequent outages.

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Residents of the Island on the BC Hydro network are asked to turn off any unnecessary items and to be Power Smart with their electrical use.

The Islands, while not as cold as the North Coast or inland areas are facing temperatures below the Zero mark with the cold snap anticipated to be in place until Saturday.

Wind chills of -14 are putting pressure on the BC Hydro system on Haida Gwaii
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One source for updates on the Hydro situation is the Village of Queen Charlotte Facebook page.

For more notes on Hydro related items on the North Coast and Haida Gwaii see our archive page here.

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