Monday, January 20, 2020

City of Prince Rupert ready for next stage of landfill development; with call for tenders for leachate lagoon work

The City of Prince Rupert has put in motion its latest plan for construction of the leachate treatment lagoon site at the Ridley Island Landfill location, putting the call for construction services up for bid on the BC Bid website late last week.

As the synopsis for the bid process notes, the work ahead is related to site preparation, drilling, blasting, excavation, rock supply and installation, pipe work and geosynthetic material installation.

Also on the to do list, installation of aluminum walkways, supply and installation of floating pontoons, other assorted infrastructure, trenches, conduits and cables.

The project was one of a number of Capital works projects that were outlined by City of Prince Rupert CFO Corinne Bomben in December.

The location for the new lagoon is at the southern end of the landfill site, adjacent to the existing lagoon site.

A map of the Ridley Island Landfill site and location of work for the
new leachate lagoon to be built at that location

(from City of PR BC Bid package)

The City last put the project out for tender in June of 2019, the work is part of a wider plan to introduce a new cell for the landfill site, which has seen the existing cells closed, or approach the need for closing in the last year or so.

The deadline for applicants to forward their bids for this latest call for tenders is 5 PM Wednesday, February 12th.

A mandatory site visit for potential tenderers has been set for Wednesday, January 29th at the Ridley landfill site.

The timeline towards completing the work has July 31st marked as the date when "substantial performance of the work" is to be achieved on the project.

You can review the full bid package from the BC Bid website.

For more notes related to the City's Bid and Tenders process see our archive page here, further background on Civic infrastructure can be explored here.

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