Friday, January 31, 2020

Fate of the Northwest salmon fishery raised in the House of Commons

MP Taylor Bachrach raised the issues of the Wild Pacific Salmon in
the House of Commons this morning

The tribulations of the Northwest salmon fishery made for some of the current of discussion in the House of Commons this morning, at at Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach spoke to the crisis of the last summer during Question period.

In  his Question for the Liberal government, Bachrach reiterated the concerns of his constituents calling for a range of assistance programs for the region.

"As anyone out on the Skeena River last summer can tell you, wild salmon are in crisis and this government is failing to act. We need funding for habitat restoration, for stock monitoring and for climate adaptation and we need it now. Will this government step up before it's too late?" -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach speaking during Question Period Friday in the House of Commons

In reply the Terry Beech, the Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries, Oceans and the Coast agreed to the themes of the issue, noting how the West Coast fishery was for a priority for the Liberals, recounting some of the recent steps the Federal government has taken towards the issue.

The Parliament Secretary added how he and the Ministry are looking forward to working with the Member of Parliament on the issue.

You can review the full exchange from the House of Commons below:

The discussion comes in the same week that UFAWU-Unifor released a report that laid much of the responsibility for the salmon crisis at the doorstep of DFO, our notes on that report can be reviewed here

One call from the northwest that didn't get addressed today was the ongoing push from North Coast towards fairness in the fishery with the East coast, as well as immediate assistance for those in in the fishing industry in the region.

You can review more of those concerns on the fishery from our archive page here.

More notes on the work of Mr. Bachrach in the House of Commons can be explored here.

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