Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Councillor Cunningham hails return of mammography services to Prince Rupert Hospital, outlines a new transportation initiative from Northern Health

Prince Rupert Councillor Barry Cunningham used the Monday night City Council session to deliver some welcome news for residents of the North Coast offering news of a few themes from Northern Health.

As part of the Councillors' comments portion of the night, Mr. Cunningham advised that Northern Health had restored full mammography service to the Prince Rupert Hospital, with a technician now working out of the Summit Avenue facility with appointments now available.

The return of the service comes after a gap of more than a year, a period of time that left Prince Rupert and area residents to make the trip inland for testing, or to wait for a mobile unit to come to town, a short term solution that was put in place over the summer.

More information on the BC Cancer Screening programs can be accessed here.

Mr. Cunningham also noted that Northern Health has responded to the situation related to Ophthalmology services.

He advised of plans still in development from Northern Health towards the provision of a bus service for residents of Prince Rupert for Ophthalmology appointments, with Northern Health looking to create a block of appointments for Prince Rupert residents for one day with a return to the city the same day.

"They haven't finalized it yet, but they're going to provide bus service for people who want to go to Terrace for appointments for Ophthalmology. And they're finalizing where you can go down on one morning and come back that night and they will try to arrange so appointments for Prince Rupert people are all in one day, that's in the works right now"

The councillor has been one of the loudest advocates on health issues in the community, frequently raising issues of concern from residents of the North Coast.

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