Monday, November 30, 2020

Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor reaches new milestone

Work is nearing completion of the Fairview-Ridley Connector
(photo from PRPA)

Work on the highly anticipated Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor has reached a key milestone today, with the dedicated roadway to connect the Fairview Terminal with Ridley Island now 75 percent complete.

The project is considered one of the more important of recent projects in the region for the opportunity it will bring to remove a lot of the container truck traffic that flows through the downtown core. 

Something which PRPA President and CEO Shaun Stevenson made note of as part of his update today.

“The Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor is designed to get trucks off downtown streets, improve safety as we grow, and reduce the environmental impacts of trucking activities in Prince Rupert. We anticipate the changes will cut emissions for each truck trip by about 75 percent.” 

The Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor is a five kilometre road stretching along the southwestern edge of Kaien Island and will be restricted in use to only Port activities. 

In the update provided by the port, officials noted that:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, crews from the Coast Tsimshian Northern Contractors Alliance, a local First Nations joint venture, have safely worked 24-hours a day on rotating shifts to build this critical piece of infrastructure. 

In addition to nearly completing dredging work, teams have placed rock along the full length of the road, with one third now at sub-grade elevation and ready for the paving structure. 

The project remains on track for completion in Q2 2021. 

The $115 million Connector Corridor project will be fully activated when DP World’s Fairview Terminal expansion is completed in 2022. This will enable container truck traffic to be rerouted away from public roads to the new Port Authority-owned route, which will reduce the journey from 20 kilometres to 5 kilometres.

(Video courtesy of Prince Rupert Port Authority)

The new roadway will also service what will be  an expanded footprint on Ridley Island with a number of projects about to come online south of Kaien Island.

As part of their notes on the status of the road, the Port observed as to how it will be a key element to some of that development.

The Connector Corridor is integral to the sustainable growth of Prince Rupert’s intermodal ecosystem, and will create new supply chain efficiencies through the development of logistics services, like the Ridley Island Export Logistics Platform and South Kaien Import Logistics Park. 

These projects will generate new jobs and economic advantages for local communities and First Nations, as well as reduce the impact of port operations on the environment. 

For further notes on Port development see our archive page here.

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