Friday, November 20, 2020

City of Prince Rupert reinforces new provincial orders with public information push

A portion of the city's
info update on new COVID
measures  delivered by
the city's mobile app
Doctor Bonnie Henry had barely finished rattling off the range of new COVID related measures to be put in place as of midnight on Thursday, before the City of Prince Rupert was spreading the word of what residents needed to be aware of.

With the City launching a full information response on Thursday evening, using all of their communication portals to make sure as many residents as possible were in the loop when it came to the new orders towards wearing masks in all public locations and need to curtail all social gatherings until at least December 7th.

The information roll out began on the city's website, and made use of a number of the Facebook pages that they host, including the City's official Facebook page

The details were also shared through the Mayor's own political Facebook page.

Mobile users were also included in the sharing of information, with an alert issued through the mobile platform at 4:28 PM

Curiously, the only social media format not used was the city's Twitter feed, which rarely sees much attention these days.

These are important steps for all of us to take in order to reduce the potential for transmission in Prince Rupert and beyond. We know that these are difficult sacrifices to make, but they are in the broader interest of our friends, family and neighbours. Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping each other safe. -- Part of the City of Prince Rupert info update on the new provincial measures

The Provincial Health Officer and Health Minister Adrian Dix outlined the range of new measures as part of a Thursday afternoon presentation, which you can view here.

The full list of Public Health orders and other measures now in place can be reviewed here.

For a look back at all of the COVID related statements since January see our archive page here.

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  1. Are they closing the Cow Bay Marina. Non essential travel is not recommended.
    That would be another step they could take.