Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Prince Rupert Port Authority catches another Green Wave accomplishment

An environmental program that certifies the North American marine industry for achievements in reducing its environmental footprint has once again hailed the work of the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

In their latest review of North American shipping industry Green Marine noted that the Prince Rupert Port Authority's  performance report achieved the highest level in environmental criteria related to community impacts, spill prevention, aquatic invasive species, waste management, and environmental leadership. 

It also featured above average results related to greenhouse gases and underwater noise. PRPA’s average score was 4.5/5 in these categories, compared to the North American port average of 2.83/5. 

The Full results for 2019 can be examined here

The report made particular mention of PRPA programs such as Green Wave (which provides financial incentives to marine carriers to reduce air emissions and underwater noise), annual GHG and air emission inventories and forecasts, the Community Investment Fund (that dedicates a portion of PRPA’s net income to legacy community projects, including salmon enhancement), and its proactive collaboration with all port users to understand the environmental conditions of the air, water and land that surrounds Prince Rupert Harbour. 

In their overview of the Port's ongoing commitment to established standards and quest towards improvement Green Marine noted the following:

“The Port of Prince Rupert was the catalyst that motivated the program’s expansion outside of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region. It led to many participants joining from all coasts – Pacific North West, Gulf Coast, Atlantic – and this more diversified membership strengthened and added value to the program. PRPA has also played a very active role in supporting and expanding Green Marine’s objectives to reduce the environmental footprint of the marine industry, which has expanded to include 146 port members, terminals, and ship owners across the continent."  -- David Bolduc, Executive Director, Green Marine. 

The Prince Rupert Port Authority was the first West Coast Port to join the Green Marine program, signing on in 2010 and has continued to use the program as its benchmark to measure and improve on their environmental performance.

Shaun Stevenson the President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority highlighted the port's ongoing dedication towards environmental stewardship which has been a strong commitment over the last ten years of participation in the voluntary program.

“The Prince Rupert Port Authority takes immense pride in demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship by going above and beyond our regulatory obligations to ensure our operations and practices are sustainable in the decades to come. We are grateful for the guidance and inspiration Green Marine has provided to our Port over the past ten years as we work together to mitigate the impacts of shipping on our environment.”

You can learn more about the Green Marine Program here.

Some further notes on the Port's ongoing success can be explored here.

A wider overview of Port developments is available from our archive page.

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