Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Wireless Device Alert test scheduled for Wednesday In British Columbia

Tomorrow at just before 2 PM, British Columbians will receive an Emergency alert, while Radio and TV stations will broadcast a similar message, all of it part of a National Alert Ready System test, a process that takes place twice a year.

The November test, is the first of this year, that after a test scheduled for May, was cancelled owing to the COVID situation across the nation.

Tomorrow's testing of the system is designed to assess the system’s readiness for an actual emergency and identify any adjustments that need to be made.

How the Test, set for 1:55 tomorrow afternoon goes is as follows

During the test, an alert will be broadcast on radio and television stations, as well as on compatible wireless devices. The test message will read: 

“This is a TEST of the British Columbia Emergency Alerting System, issued by Emergency Management British Columbia. This is ONLY a TEST. If this had been an actual emergency or threat, you would now hear instructions that would assist you to protect you and your family. 

 You can find out if your device is compatible with the Alert Ready program by checking this website for more background.

The province is also reminding British Columbians that they can participate in a survey following the test, to help determine the reach of the Alert Ready program.

Further notes on what's ahead for Wednesday can be explored here.

More information on provincial government themes can be found here.

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