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From the Legislature 2020

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments on the political scene in the northwest ridings.

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North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)

Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness
(appointed July 2017)

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General Overview Notes on the British Columbia Political Scene
(From our political blog  D'Arcy McGee)

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December 1 -- Ellis Ross tapped as BC Liberal critic for Environment and Climate Change  NCR
December 1 -- Racism is systemic in BC Health Care: Turpel-Lafond report NCR


November 16 -- Work underway for Prince Rupert Electric charging station  NCR
November 16 -- With bounty of options, Premier Horgan gets to work on creating his next cabinet ... with North Coast residents awaiting his decisions and the fate of MLA Jennifer Rice NCR


September 21 -- 'It's going to be unlike any campaign before': To the polls we go ... as Premier John Horgan sets election date of October 24th for British Columbians to cast a ballot  NCR
September 21 -- It's Premier John Horgan's call for a Fall Vote and that call could come later today  NCR
September 21 -- Municipal and Regional District governments to benefit from BC Governments StrongerBC Restart plans  NCR
September 9 -- 100 cases of COVID-19 recorded for Wednesday, Premier outlined fall pandemic plan including expansive health care hiring  NCR
September 9 -- MLA Rice launches COVID-19 face mask drive in Prince Rupert NCR 
September 8 -- Significant spike of near 430 cases of COVID-19 over weekend; new measures and closures in place for bars, nightclubs and banquet halls  NCR 
September 1 -- "Planting the seeds for future economic development ... signals that our region welcomes a cleaner transportation future": Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain hails electric charging network announcement  NCR
September 1 -- As rumours of a potential Provincial Fall election start to swirl, MLA Rice ramps the fundraising plans  NCR


August 1 -- MLA's Week: July 27-31, 2020  NCR


July 31 -- Health Minister Adrian Dix on closing Haida Gwaii (audio)
July 31 -- Fishing lodge 'shocked' by BC ban on non-resident travel to Haida Gwaii
July 31 -- Province and Coastal First Nations sign memorandum of understanding to protect environment and grow local economy
July 20 -- North Coast MLA issues public update on provincial progress 
July 9 -- Skeena MLA Ellis Ross named to Legislature Committee to study systemic racism in BC Policing NCR
July 9 -- MLA Rice shares sense of loss on North Coast at passing of paramedic Mike Sorensen  NCR
July 7 - A Dozen new cases, no new deaths and cautions on travels this summer make for Tuesday COVID report  NCR
July 7 -- MLA's Rice and Ross speak to NDP's Anti-racism Motion in Monday Legislature session  NCR
July 6 -- Weekend COVID new case numbers jump to 31, six deaths reported over three day period NCR
July 6 -- As controversy over Haida Gwaii fishing lodge opening swirls; Prince Rupert could become transfer hub for travellers   NCR
July 3 -- Friday COVID review provides a number of positives and a reminder on measures to keep BC's progress moving forward  NCR
July 3 -- Upgrade coming to water treatment plant will benefit people in Masset
June 5 -- Haida Gwaii officials still advise Non-resident and Leisure travel not permitted  NCR
June 5 -- Northwest results from COVID modelling show limited exposure to virus  NCR
June 4 -- Just five new cases recorded for COVID report in BC today, with modelling program highlighting progress that has been made across province  NCR
June 4 -- COVID notes for Northern BC makes for very positive review  NCR
June 3 -- Wednesday COVID update notes spike in new cases  NCR


May 28 -- 9 new cases of COVID, 2 more deaths and a declared end to a long standing outbreak mark the Thursday COVID review  NCR
May 28 -- Highway 16 road remediation program puts focus on Bulkley Valley so far  NCR
May 27 -- Only 9 new cases of COVID recorded in BC in last 24 hours, one of which was reported by Northern Health NCR
May 27 -- British Columbia to extend State of Emergency until mid June  NCR
May 26 -- MLA's Rice and Oakes to host next Northern Health Virtual Town Hall on Thursday night  NCR
May 26 -- BC Conservation Officer Service in Prince Rupert on wolf calls  NCR
May 26 -- Province to expand smart phones program for the homeless and at risk in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 26 -- The line up for the campground began with your computer  NCR
May 25 -- Positive Weekend case count, measured by sadness of four more deaths from COVID weekend report  NCR
May 25 -- Kootenay Avenue site proposed for new 55 unit multi family residential development  NCR
May 23 -- BC's Active case count of COVID now at 303, only 8 require ICU stay  NCR
May 22 -- $11.8 million provincial investment to stabilize Prince Rupert homeless
May 22 -- Double digit increase in Case Counts and reminders on ban on large gatherings part of Friday COVID report  NCR
May 22 -- When it comes to camping in BC parks this year, residency has its priorities  NCR
May 21 -- Thursday's COVID report includes, notes on masks and school relaunch plans  NCR
May 21 -- Friday Deadline looms for BC K-12 Parent Survey, while online petition calls for schools to remain closed until September  NCR
May 21 -- British Columbia's 2020 Budget planning awaits public participation  NCR
May 20 -- Wednesday, May 20 COVID update notes increase of case counts, reminder of ongoing survey process  NCR
May 20 -- SD52 prepares for Stage 3 of classroom return set for June 1st  NCR
May 19 -- Tuesday COVID-19 report: Just 2 New cases on the day, though news tempered by notes of three more passing NCR
May 19 -- Ministry of Education to host Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday night  NCR
May 18 -- Monday  COVID-19 Update provides for review of weekend cases and moment of reflection for death of RCAF member Captain Jennifer Casey  NCR
May 16 -- Welcome home - again
May 14 -- 15 new cases, 3 additional deaths and a call to keep travel local this ling weekend the currents of the Thursday COVID update  NCR
May 14 -- British Columbia's State of Emergency to continue towards end of May at least  NCR
May 14 -- Northern Health set to resume elective surgeries across Northwest  NCR
May 14 -- Coast Tsimshian keep checkpoint option alive as they seek meeting with Premier Horgan on non-essential travel  NCR
May 13 -- "Fewer faces, smaller groups, shorter time together and bigger spaces will help to keep all of us safe", advice from the Wednesday COVID update  NCR
May 12 -- Diana Lake Provincial Park to open to public Friday NCR
May 12 -- Positive Trends for BC and dating advice all part of the Tuesday COVID review  NCR
May 11 -- Prince Rupert to receive $6.5 million for infrastructure and service improvements
May 11 -- Monday COVID report serves a preliminary to Virtual Town Hall hosted by Health Minister Dix and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry  NCR
May 11 -- Prince Rupert to get $6.5 million from expansive 75 million dollar funding programs for Northern British Columbia  NCR
May 9 -- Saturday's COVId notes, 15 new cases, 1 additional passing and hopes for a way one day for family to return to extended care facilities  NCR
May 8 -- Friday COVID update comes with Mother's Day guidance  NCR
May 8 -- BC Restart Town Hall explores range of themes for the path forward for the province  NCR
May 7 -- Thursday COVID Update Notes current cases, focus for future approach  NCR
May 7 -- If you say I will ... then others can say I do!  NCR
May 7 -- BC Parks, Campgrounds make plans for launch of camping season  NCR
May 7 -- Mid May marks potential return for many services in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 6 -- BC's New Normal will come in phases as Premier Horgan introduces the BC restart plan NCR
May 6 -- BC's restart plan framed by 23 new COVID cases recorded for Wednesday report  NCR
May 6 -- UBCM follows two paths for Fall convention planning  NCR
May 6 -- PRMS Replacement plans set for some advancement this Spring  NCR
May 6 -- Special Legislature Committee to take submissions from public on Personal Information Protection review  NCR
May 5 -- Notes on just 8 new cases on COVID recorded, accounts of 4 more deaths along with guideposts for the future all part of Tuesday's BC COVID review  NCR
May 5 -- BC Teachers ratify contract deal reached last week  NCR
May 4 -- Monday COVID update notes weekend outcomes and sets table for Premier Horgan's outline of path forward for later this week  NCR
May 4 -- With concerns of a rise in domestic violence during these times of COVID, reminders from North Coast Transition Society on the services available in Prince Rupert and area  NCR
May 4 -- Province to allow for electronic public hearings during current Provincial state of emergency NCR
May 4 -- Lax Kw'alaams could decide on Highway 16 roadblock plans this week  NCR
May 4 -- Council of Haida Nation led Webinar reinforces call for Travel restrictions, notes plans for Highway 16 blockade and seeks meeting with Premier Horgan  NCR
May 1 -- Slight increase in the COVID-19 case count for Friday as Province pays tribute to BC Physicians  NCR


April 30 -- Thursday COVID-19 update marks 25 new cases of virus, two passings and a look at how we may soon be able to exapnd our social contact circles slightly in the months ahead  NCR
April 30 -- Checkpoint plans and advice for travellers the theme of the day for North Coast  NCR
April 30 -- Lingering disappointment and bitterness marks Council's comments over quashed Local State of Emergency NCR
April 29 -- Prospects for reopening BC in the weeks to come part of the COVID narrative of the day, while case counts on the day return to more familiar levels  NCR
April 29 -- Provincial State of Emergency extended to May 12th; Premier Horgan explores themes of opening up the province in weeks and months to come  NCR
April 28 -- Jump in confirmed cases underlines the serious nature of the large clusters of COVID-19 outbreaks at processing facilities  NCR
April 27 -- 50 new cases of COVID-19 recorded over the weekend, officials chart path ahead through Spring in Monday report  NCR
April 25 -- Spike in confirmed COVID cases registers 95 for Saturday update, as BC reaches 100 to date  NCR
April 24 -- 29 new cases, four deaths mark Friday COVID update, along with more notes related to industrial site related outbreaks  NCR
April 24 -- Road towards ride hailing in Prince Rupert remains more of a long and winding one NCR
April 24 -- With a potential return to some form of public City Council sessions on the horizon; it's time for something more than governance by Facebook  NCR
April 23 -- Return to more stable new case returns marks Thursday COVID-19 report, with caution not to tip the balance of results against us  NCR
April 23 -- After weekend shift, Prince Rupert's homeless shelter now open at Fisherman's Hall  NCR
April 22 -- Wednesday COVID review notes significant spike in daily cases, renewed call towards breaking the chains of transmission  NCR
April 22 -- Premier Horgan taking approach on COVID issues on a day to day basis  NCR
April 21 -- COVID-19 update for Tuesday, makes note of cross roads period for provincial response  NCR
April 20 -- COVID update observes on five new deaths in BC, with increased cases for Northern Health; Province also expands health care service plans for Indigenous and rural areas  NCR
April 18 -- Stability in new cases, 3 more deaths to report and a glimpse into what may be the 'new normal' for BC part of the Saturday COVID report  NCR
April 17 -- Friday COVID update: Risks remain high; officials hopeful that storm will continue to lessen!  NCR
April 17 -- COVID modelling update highlights some of the success so far; with a call to carry on to remain on the right track NCR
April 16 -- Thursday COVID-19 review features lower new case reports, but three additional virus related deaths in BC  NCR
April 16 -- Fisherman's Hall to be used as temporary homeless shelter as part of COVID-19 response  NCR
April 16 -- Province to offer supports for BC businesses and local governments  NCR
April 16 -- Work towards homeless solution continues, new shelter location soon to be finalized NCR
April 16 -- Showtime for BC today as Province showcases British Columbia talent  NCR
April 15 -- Wednesday COVID report highlights need to hold to current measures and sacrifices towards days for planning for the future  NCR
April 15 -- British Columbia extends Provincial State of Emergency until April 28   NCR
April 15 -- British Columbia communities roll out response to homeless issues during COVID-19 period  NCR 
April 14 -- Tuesday COVID report highlights how results to date, are holding the line on new cases  NCR
April 14 -- North Coast Transition Society shares concerns over public incidents at homeless shelter  NCR
April 14 -- Municipalities eyeing post COVID period with mixed opinions on financial impact  NCR
April 14 -- Dr. Bonnie Henry's notes on public distancing and travel themes should make for opportunity for a City of Prince Rupert update on local issues  NCR
April 13 -- Monday COVID update relays weekend case counts, sad news on more passings from long term care facilities and a reminder on how BC communities can enforce Public Health Orders NCR
April 11 -- Saturday COVID update: BC holds firm to recent levels with 35 new cases in last 24 hours; but sadly announces 3 more deaths as part of Provincial review today  NCR
April 10-- Friday COVID update marks new cases, additional deaths as British Columbia enters holiday weekend period NCR
April 8 -- British Columbia introduces new measures on Self-Isolation for our of country returnees  NCR
April 9 -- Call to stay home over the holiday weekend the main focus for Thursday COVID update  NCR
April 9 -- BC Government's online portal serving as the Provincial supply post for Pandemic efforts  NCR
April 9 -- Prince Rupert Labour Council calls on City to take action on homelessness NCR
April 8 -- 5 more deaths, 45 new cases among range of notes from Wednesday's COVID review  NCR
April 8 -- British Columbia introduces new measures on Self Isolation for out of country returnees NCR
April 8 -- Northwest is off the map when it comes to new BCUC Gas Info page launch  NCR
April 8 -- BC's College of Physicians and Surgeons has guidance on themes of social media use during times of COVID-19  NCR
April 8 -- Province closes all Provincial Parks in latest COVID-19 response  NCR
April 7 -- Municipalities and First Nations sign on to call for Non-essential Travel restrictions to North Coast and Haida Gwaii  NCR
April 7 -- Cases of COVID decline from yesterday, through four more deaths recorded as part of review of Tuesday findings from British Columbia NCR
April 7 -- Northern Health responds to Facebook post from Prince Rupert doctor relaying presumptive case of COVID in the city  NCR
April 7 -- Province of British Columbia moves to secure space for vulnerable people to self-isolate  NCR
April 6 -- 63 new cases of COVID over last 48 hours, but signs of some levelling of the curve from latest update  NCR
April 6 -- UBCM to coordinate outreach and advocacy for municipal governments in wake of COVID related financial pressures  NCR
April 4 -- A number of Prince Rupert Physicians are recommending residents wear home made cloth masks when out in public  NCR
April 3 -- Prince Rupert citizens concerned by influx of out of province visitors
April 3 -- COVID-19 Update focuses on calls for airport enforcement, supply issues, along with latest case notes  NCR
April 3 -- No service reductions yet for Prince Rupert - Haida Gwaii, Port Hardy BC Ferry service, as souther routes reduced by 50%  NCR
April 2 -- MLA Rice hopeful of short term solution and longer term resolution to homeless shelter issues in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 2 -- Province of British Columbia outlines how Public Health Orders are to be enforced  NCR
April 2 -- Royal Canadian Navy, other Armed Forces partners ready for COVID-19 response for coastal communities if required  NCR
April 1 -- Need to continue physical distancing, while maintaining social links theme to Wednesday update on COVID-19  NCR
April 1 -- BC Hydro announces one per cent rate cut; will also provide credits on bills, waive charges for those impacted by COVID-19  NCR
April 1 -- "Northern Health has been doing an amazing job' -- Doctor Bonnie Henry NCR


March 31 -- A stay the course COVID speech for British Columbians from Premier Horgan  NCR
March 31 -- MLA Rice taking local lead on response for housing issues for homeless  NCR
March 30 -- Mills Memorial designated COVID-19 Acute Primary Care location; Northern Health Update stresses social distancing , other measures as solution towards COVID-19 NCR
March 30 -- Province of British Columbia frees up gambling grant  money for 3 million dollar top up for BC Food Banks  NCR
March 29 -- MLA's letter to constituents highlight's province's message; garners familiar attention  NCR
March 27 -- Deemed an Essential service, BC Liquor Stores to close on Sundays  NCR
March 27 -- Facebook follower commentaries should not be misconstrued as wholesale support for political themes  NCR
March 26 -- Prince Rupert Mayor takes issue with Provincial order to suspend Local State of Emergency  NCR
March 26 -- City of Prince Rupert Closes Emergency Operations Centre, suspends Local State of Emergency  NCR
March 26 -- Province of British Columbia suspends all Local States of Emergency; introduces range of new measures under Provincial State of Emergency  NCR
March 26 -- British Columbia Government to support renters and landlords during times of COVID-19 NCR
March 26 -- BC Ferries calls for customers to travel only if essential  NCR
March 25 -- Province of BC closes a number of Parks and recreation areas as part of COVID-19 response  NCR
March 25 -- City and Province need to outline what measures they have in mind to assist Prince Rupert's homeless during this pandemic period NCR
March 11 -- Plight of Pinecrest Townhomes residents noted by Prince Rupert Council Monday  NCR
March 11 -- Child Care Review points the way towards improving on options for Prince Rupert residents  NCR
March 10 -- No success this time around for Prince Rupert in Harm Reduction Program NCR
March 10 -- Prince Rupert School District, others in Northwest to gain funding for repairs  NCR
March 9 -- Pinecrest Townhomes renovictions to be staggered; evictees to learn more at March 11th meeting  NCR
March 9 -- British Columbia records first Canadian death in COVID-19 outbreak NCR
March 9 -- Council to receive presentation on Child Care Survey findings tonight  NCR
March 7 -- MLA's Week: March 2-6, 2020  NCR
March 6 -- Port Edward Fire Department to benefit from Emergency Preparation funding  NCR
March 5 -- British Columbia Finance Minister Carole James discloses diagnosis of Parkinson's disease; announces plans not to seek re-election  NCR
March 5 -- Second Housing rights meeting added for evictees of Oceanfront homes on First Avenue  NCR
March 5 -- COVID-19 Coronavirus preparation advice shared by Jennifer Rice through legislature session  NCR
March 4 -- Thursday meeting set for soon to be evicted tenants of Pinecrest Town Homes to hear of their rights  NCR
March 3 -- BC Legislature pays tribute to Province's Search and Rescue workers  NCR
March 3  -- In Legislature commentary, MLA Rice points to NDP's progress on Social priorities  NCR
March 2 -- Prince Rupert's lack of housing starts looms large now ... that as Renoviction crisis set to make additional impact on community  NCR


February 28 -- Province puts 1.7 million towards community data collection on housing needs  NCR
February 28 -- COVID 19 Update for BC notes steps of preparation in the province  NCR
February 28 -- MLA Rice is ready for a ribbon cutting  NCR
February 27 -- In Budget speech response, MLA Rice reflects on damage cause by Liberals in the past, advance from NDP in governance  NCR
February 27 -- MLA Jennifer Rice speaks to Racism and Indigenous issues with Legislature statement  NCR
February 26 -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice shares more parenting moments with Legislature members  NCR
February 25 -- 750K in funding from Province for Metlakatla coastal erosion project  NCR
February 24 -- As BC Budget hails Coast Mountain College housing plans for Terrace, Prince Rupert accommodation plans remain more of a Five Year Plan  NCR
February 21 -- Mayor makes note of the highlights from his trip to Victoria this week  NCR
February 21 -- MLA Rice gets warm reception with introduction of newest constituent at the Legislature  NCR
February 21 -- Carole James's 2020 Provincial Budget moves Mills Memorial Hospital closer to the finish line  NCR
February 20 -- MLA Rice pays tribute to Heiltsuk Nation member Maxwell Johnson in Legislation statement  NCR
February 20 -- Skeena MLA Ross calls out past NDP comments and asks Government to condemn 'eco-colonialist actions of radial groups"  NCR
February 19 -- Few surprises from Finance Minister Carole James as NDP deliver stay the source Budget for 2020 on Tuesday NCR
February 13 -- Liberal leader Wilkinson points to past statements from Northwest NDP MLA's as working against the rule of law in British Columbia  NCR
February 13 -- Wet'suwet'en protest issues dominate first Question period for Spring Session, with Skeena MLA Ellis Ross seeking clarity on role of Nathan Cullen  NCR
February 12 -- BC NDP replay their greatest hits as part of Speech from the Throne; as Premier responds  to string of protests across the province  NCR
February 11 -- Mayor Brain appointed to Climate Solutions Council NCR
February 11 -- MLA Rice finds a fence to straddle  NCR
February 7 -- New political program gains perspectives on range of themes from Skeena's MLA Ellis Ross  NCR
February 6 -- Province hears of concerns and solutions when it comes to Marine Debris in BC  NCR
February 6 -- Tourism to get a boost from Province  NCR
February 6 -- As RCMP prepare for enforcement order in Wet'suwet'en; MP Bachrach calls for Prime Minister to hold talks  NCR
February 4 -- BCTF launches twitter info stream on themes of labour dispute  NCR
February 3 -- Provincial Government, Public Health Officer speak to Federal plans for Ontario quarantine for returning Canadians  NCR
February 3 -- MLA's head back to work next week, as NDP government prepares Speech from the Throne  NCR
February 3 -- Province of British Columbia launches online consultation program on Coastal Ferries issues NCR
February 3 -- British Columbia honours and celebrates Black History Month through February  NCR
February 1 -- As Mounties observe 100 years of service to British Columbia, Province and communities celebrate RCMP Appreciation Day  NCR


January 31 -- Province of BC and Provincial Health Officer update British Columbians on coronavirus notes  NCR
January 31-- Premier won't attend talks with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary chiefs  (video)
January 31 -- 'I knew in my heart of hearts that (being gay) wasn't wrong': BC politicians discuss personal experience with conversion therapy (audio)
January 30 -- Wet'suwet'en Chiefs agree to talks (video)
January 30 -- John Horgan delivers speech at BC Natural Resources forum (video)
January 30 -- Mayor Brain in Prince George for Resource Forum and conversation with provincial officials  NCR
January 29 -- Public Health Officer for British Columbia updates confirmation notes on first case of 2019 novel coronavirus in the province NCR
January 28 -- BC North BC Bus funding (video)
January 28 -- British Columbia government commits to funding for BC North Bus  NCR
January 28 -- Launch day for expanded schedule of sailings for Kwuna on Haida Gwaii  NCR
January 28 -- British Columbia confirms first case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in province  NCR
January 27 -- Nathan Cullen tapped to be British Columbia liaison with Wet'suwet'en  NCR
January 25 -- British Columbia Government responds to Ontario notice of suspected case of Wuhan coronavirus  NCR
January 24 -- With little movement in teacher's talks, BCTF membership reportedly reviewing next steps   NCR
January 23 -- 7.5 million dollars to support six Indigenous training programs
January 23 -- Funding made available for Trades Training (video)
January 23 -- Funding announced to help build skilled workforces in Indigenous communities
January 23 -- Kitselas receive $1.2M boost for apprenticeship development program, open to Tsimshian and Haisla Nations
January 22 -- Province of British Columbia outlines its latest view on the Coronavirus reports from China  NCR
January 22 -- 'We've created a really deep division: BC Green party leader says Coastal GasLink standoff is symptom of bigger problems  (audio)
January 22 -- NDP shuffle the cabinet as Premier Horgan re-assigns some duties  NCR
January 21 -- First Nations LNG Alliance writes letter to BC Human Rights Commissioner (video)
January 21 -- First Nations LNG Alliance pens letter criticizing BC Human Rights Commissioner over pipeline comments
January 21 -- Indigenous youth block energy and mines ministry office in support of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs
January 21 -- 'Our province is in crisis mode': BC Truck Loggers Association warns members are facing financial collapse (audio)
January 21 -- BC Premier talks forestry, service needs with handful of northern Mayors in Prince George
January 21 -- City of Prince Rupert may want to hold off on plans for single use plastic ban; at least until provincial initiative roll out is delivered  NCR
January 21 -- Lead concerns at SD52 schools rekindles attention to ongoing issue: A look back at some of the focus of the past  NCR
January 20 -- "I'm not being disrespectful, I"m just saying let's be realistic: John Horgan says Coastal Gas Link will go forward despite opposition from Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs  (audio)
January 20 -- Wet'suwet'en supporters blockade Vancouver Island ferry terminal
January 20 -- BC Government set to offer tax relief for small businesses, arts and culture groups and non-profits - through municipal property tax changes  NCR
January 17 -- Route 26 reinstated from Skidegate to Alliford Bay
January 17 -- Premier Horgan on TransMountain Pipeline (video)
January 17 -- Premier Horgan tours LNG Canada site today
January 17 -- Business plan for Mills Hospital renewed
January 16 -- Premier on Northern BC tour, but Wet'suwet'en meeting not on agenda
January 16 -- Deadline looming for 2020 nominations for BC Achievement Foundation Awards NCR
January 15 -- John Horgan says 'rule of law' will prevail in pipeline dispute - but whose laws? (audio)
January 15 -- Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs Seek Diplomacy from Premier
January 14 -- Premier Horgan says CGL Pipeline will be built (video)
January 14 -- Premier states Coastal GasLink pipeline will be built; Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs call for UN intervention  NCR
January 13 -- Horgan Says Coastal GasLink pipeline to proceed
January 9 -- "It tears families apart': Haisla Chief councillor Crystal Smith on ongoing conflict around Coastal GasLink pipeline (audio)
January 6 -- When it comes to travelling along Northwest highways it's not just the road conditions that have limited visibility   NCR
January 3 -- Province outlines details for 2020 BC Home Owner Grant program  NCR

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