Thursday, May 21, 2020

Friday Deadline looms for BC K-12 Parent Survey, while online petition calls for schools to remain closed until September

Tomorrow is the final day for parents and guardians to log on and complete a School Specific Survey related to the BC K-12 School restart program

As we outlined earlier this week, the launch date for an optional return to school is set for June 1st, and towards that launch, the School District is urging parents to participate in the surveys.

Most of the survey is basic information, with the option of the return to School for June the main focus for the survey, which notes that the final day of School for this year would be June 25th, with the larger return planned for the fall.

You can also add any other comments you wish to the survey as part of the final question.

To access the surveys for the schools see the links below or check out the school websites available from the SD52 home page:

Conrad Elementary

Lax Kxeen elementary

Pineridge Elementary School

Ecole Roosevelt School

Port Edward Community School (no Survey posted)

Prince Rupert Middle School has already posted their Information and Schedule for the June 1 start

You can access that information here.

Pacific Coast School and Charles Hays information can be found from their respective websites or by contacting the school

Pacific Coast School

Charles Hays Secondary

While the reopening is purely on an optional basis, there has been some push back from some in the public towards the plan.

The prospect of the one month return to school is not being universally hailed, across the province some parents have spoken out with concerns about the return, with a petition currently available online asking the province to reconsider the plan and holding off until September before reopening the schools.

The main concern for parents being that of health and safety and how some students may be too young to properly take precautions or be aware of virus symptoms.

That initiative has already received over 24,000 signatures to date.

More notes on education in the Northwest can be reviewed from our archive page here.

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