Thursday, May 21, 2020

British Columbia's 2020 Budget planning awaits public participation

The BC Government is set to hear your views on the upcoming
Budget from Finance Minister Carole James

While Finance Minister Carole James no doubt has more than an enough to consider for the upcoming Budget making process, that as the COVID pandemic makes for the new narrative of our times, the participation of the public is still a vital element for the crafting of the next financial document.

Towards that engagement, the British Columbia Government is set to host a public hearing for the Budget preparations, with your chance to register for the process at its deadline today.

The public hearings will take place by video/teleconference in June.

The Schedule for the hearings which will be organized by themes is as follows:

June 1-4, 8-12, 15-19, and 22-24

Other public participation options will also be made available next month, including the opportunity to submit a written, audio or video submission starting on June 1st.

There will also be an online survey made available for participation, that following the release of the Budget Consultation Paper.

Registration is available now online or by phone at 250-356-2933 or 1-877-428-8337 (toll-free in BC).

This brochure provides a bit more detail on the consultation process and how you can participate

Learn more about the process and what's ahead from the Legislature website and the Budget Consultation homepage.

For more notes related to the Legislature and the work of Northwest MLA's in Victoria see our archive page here.

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