Saturday, May 30, 2020

Port Edward wolf attack brings strong Conservation Officer presence

(Image is Not the wolf from this incident but from a File photo)

See update to story at bottom of this article.

A  lone wolf attack in Port Edward Friday evening has brought a trio of Conservation Officers into the community today, with the provincial agency making plans for a night patrol this evening as well to address the situation.

The District of Port Edward alerted the community through Social Media this morning, making note of the attack, though they did not advise as to where in the area the attack took place.

The advisory which you can review here, also advises residents of the District to keep their pets indoors or on leashes, particularly while the Conservation Service officers are searching for the animal.

Further background from the Conservation Officer Service, noted that the incident took place shortly after 11 PM on Friday night, as the male victim was walking home.

Conservation Officers have interviewed the man in hospital. He suffered injuries that are not considered life-threatening. Conservation Officers are in the Port Edward area, working to locate the wolf. 

The COS is advising Port Edward residents at this time to please be aware of your surroundings if outside and walk in groups if possible. Please also keep dogs tied up in yards and do not let them run loose in the community. 

It is too early to say whether this is the same wolf or wolves that were in the Prince Rupert area.

Port Edward will update their advisory as the day moves forward through their Facebook page.

Yesterday we noted a report of a recent bear encounter in the community, there have been a growing number of incidents related to wolves and bears in the region as we move towards the summer months.

Update: The BC Conservation Officer Service provided an update Sunday morning on their work in Port Edward, that as they continue to search for a wolf involved in an attack on a Port Edward Senior Friday night.

You can review some of the files from our Emergency Responder Archive page here.

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