Sunday, May 24, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending May 24, 2020

The Province of British Columbia is ready to open the schools and this week parents/guardians and students, as well as school staff members gained a bit more information on what may be ahead.

Two of our most read items of the week had the focus on education as readers explored our notes on a virtual town hall held last week, as well as the SD52 plans for the June launch.

Also gaining a large audience this week, an RCMP update on the investigation into a body which had been discovered last week, with the case file now advanced to that of a homicide investigation.

A pair of items that also caught the eyes of readers included the City of Prince Rupert making some plans to tackle some big projects and a warning from the City on accounts of wolf sightings in the community the last few weeks.

The restart of the British Columbia commercial sector also made for some news this week, and locally a good resource for who was opening proved to be the Chamber of Commerce Social media features.

But when it came to the most read item of the last week, Education captured the most interest, as we took note of a number of Back to School themed items for the week.

Ministry of Education to host Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday Night -- Such was the interest in the BC government's return to School plans for June 1st, that our notes on a Virtual Town Hall this past week topped our listings, as readers explored more on what was planned for Wednesday night. Also attracting a large audience on the same theme this week was the local plan moving forward from SD52.    (posted  May 19, 2020)

That article was followed by:

Terrace RCMP launch homicide investigation after discovery of male last week -- Terrace RCMP expanded on the case file of a body discovered near the city's curling club last week, with the investigation now that of a homicide.    (posted May 19, 2020)

City of Prince Rupert commences with planning for Capital - infrastructure program  -- Some forward momentum on a number of proposed capital projects was seen this past week, as the City of Prince Rupert posted a call for proposals to take on the duties of Owner's representative for the range of projects to be started   (posted May 19, 2020  )

As number or encounters grow, City of Prince Rupert joins in on chorus of wolf warnings -- While Social media has been chronicling the close encounters with Wolves in the area for most of a month now, the City of Prince Rupert provided for its own warning this week, following up on a similar update on the local situation from the BC Conservation Officer Department.   (posted May  22  , 2020)

Chamber of Commerce Social Media making for the commercial services update listings -- As the Restart BC program began to roll out this week, a number of Prince Rupert business owners resumed their operations as well, with the re-openings the Chamber's Facebook Page has become a valuable source of information as to which businesses or services are putting out the Open for Business signs.  (posted May 20, 2020 )

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