Thursday, May 28, 2020

Highway 16 road remediation program puts focus on Bulkley Valley so far

Areas along Highway 16 east of the Bulkley Valley were the focus
this week for a range of highway remediation project announcements

For those travelling through the Bulkley Valley this summer, the words expect delays may be a frequent part of your travels.

On Wednesday, Claire Trevena, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure outlined some of the projects on the Highways to-do list for this year,

"Our government is investing more than $350 million in transportation projects in northern B.C. Our investments in the North are investments in our communities. And they help create good jobs for people, which is especially important now as we move into the recovery phase of COVID-19.”

In the Northwest, the Bulkley Valley will receive the bulk of the attention for the early stages of this years paving plans.

Among the notes from yesterday's announcement:

Highway 16 (Smithers and Telkwa areas): resurfacing 26.6 kilometres of Highway 16 from Nouch Road to Fort Telkwa, excluding the Smithers arterial (budget: $3.4 million). 

Highway 16 (east of Smithers): resurfacing 68 kilometres on Highway 16 from Wakefield Road to 6 Mile Hill, excluding the Houston arterial. 

This project includes resurfacing of side roads in and around the Smithers area (budget: $4.1 million).

Work was also announced for the Burns Lake area, which will see a 15 million dollar project get underway that will see work take place on a westbound two kilometre passing lane, extension of an eastbound passing lane and improvements to the brake check and chain up area at 6 Mile Summit

The City of Prince George will also gain a significant share of the road remediation this summer, the full details on Wednesday's announcement can be reviewed here.

So far, the Ministry has not outlined what plans it may have for any other areas of the Northwest.

As you travel along the highway, you can get updates on road conditions and delays from the Drive BC website and twitter feed.

For more notes on Highway 16 corridor themes see our archive page here.

Further items of note out of Victoria can be reviewed from our Legislature archive page.

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