Friday, May 29, 2020

Add Bear concerns to the list of Wildlife encounters for North Coast residents

The recent concerns over Wolves have some company on the report list this week; that as we hear word of he First Bear sighting of the season relayed from Port Edward.

There wasn't much detail to the sighting which was noted by District of Port Edward Mayor Knut Bjorndal as part of the May Update for residents of the community.

Though his notes on the theme did include a call from the mayor for those living in the District to secure their personal property to reduce any attractants for wildlife.

Notice for residents of Port Edward on a recent bear sighting 
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As has been highlighted by Conservation Officers in recent weeks, leaving material that may be of interest to wildlife makes for a challenge for the officers as they respond to what is a growing number of calls related to recent incidents, most of which have been encounters with wolves over the last six weeks or so.

You can review the Port Edward advisory here.

Conservation Officers from Terrace were in the area this week in response to some of the case files that have been generated in recent weeks.

As we noted earlier this week, those calls for service have once again been met with a call from the City of Prince Rupert for an Officer to be based in the Prince Rupert region.

Should you have an encounter to report you can do so by calling 1-877-952-7277, Port Edward District also would like a report at 250-628-3667.

An overview of some of the calls for assistance from the Conservation Officer Service can be explored here.

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  1. Tonight right in my front yard my neighbor was attacked by a wolf. The wolf had zero fear. Both his legs are mangled and will now be going into surgery. All the myths of wolves not attacking humans are now smashed. This happened in port ed just so people are aware.