Thursday, May 14, 2020

CBSA suspends some of their services for Prince Rupert area

The Agency that controls Prince Rupert's border access points has announced a few changes to their operational plans for the summer of 2020, part of the Federal government's response to the COVID emergency.

For the most part the new temporary suspension orders are related to the closure of Canada's borders and in this instance will be of note for coastal travellers by boat, or those flying in small aircraft, with marinas and small airports among those that will not have CBSA service for the next little while.

In an information release from Monday, the Canada Border Service Agency announced the temporary suspensions of service at 342 small vessel reporting stations and 126 small airports across the nation.

The Federal Government has continued to have Canadian ports closed to outside pleasure craft at this time, as well as to indicate that Cruise Ships will not be allowed to make port calls for the foreseeable future.

CBSA Service for the Prince Rupert Yacht Club
has been suspended on a temporary basis 

For Prince Rupert, the areas of note for suspended service are the Prince Rupert Yacht Club and the Alaska Marine Highway Terminal at Fairview, though that facility is not in use at the moment anyways owing to the suspension of Ferry service between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan.

While those two facilities will see suspended service, the list of locations in Prince Rupert where service will still be offered includes:

Prince Rupert Airport
Seal Cove Seaplane Facility

Fairview Government Dock
Rushbrook Government Dock
Cow Bay Marina

It's noted that the temporary suspension of service will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as the public health situation evolves.

Cow Bay Marina Dock on Tuesday

While the Cow Bay Marina is listed as still hosting CBSA service, at Monday's City Council Session, City Manager Robert Long advised Council that the city had closed the marina to visiting vessels.

You can review the background to the CBSA announcement here, while the list of facilities that will continue to host CBSA services can be explored here.

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