Friday, May 29, 2020

With summer on the horizon, Port Edward Council looks forward to infrastructure work ahead

Road work and attention to some public infrastructure is the focus for an update for Port Edward residents this week, as Mayor Knut Bjorndal relays some of the themes of discussion from Port Edward Council this month.

In the monthly update for residents the District's Mayor provided a look at the work underway by McElhanney Engineering which has been busy surveying the District's road system in anticipation of the District's road plans for the summer.

As Mr. Bjorndal notes the first two roads that will be addressed with be Evergreen and Sunset in the District townsite. 

The Port Edward Mayor also provided for a heads up towards work hey are looking at for the District Fire hall and Municipal building, with details to come for residents as they develop their project planning.

Mr. Bjorndal also highlighted the work that Public Works is engaged in at the moment, with attention towards moving park areas and grass long the District's streets.

He also made note of the work that Council has been involved with as part of a unified regional approach towards a COVID response, observing as to the District's efforts in working with other area governments in reinforcing a call to include a travel ban to small communities on the coast.

In his message to residents Mayor Bjorndal observes that to his knowledge there have been no reported cases in Prince Rupert or Port Edward and notes of how residents have been following the guidelines to help prevent the transmission of the virus.

When it comes to Municipal operations, the Mayor notes that the Municipal office remains closed to the public at this time, he also outlines some of the public works efforts underway including the flushing of hydrants, changes to the annual Spring Clean Up program and the plans from CN Rail to control vegetation along their right of way through the District.

More on the CN Vegetation control program can be reviewed here.

Mr. Bjorndal also alerted the community to concerns over Bears, relaying word of a recent siting in the District and reviewing what Port Edward residents can do to help reduce any attractants for wildlife.

For more notes related to Port Edward council see our archive page here.

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