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Municipal Government 2020 -- District of Port Edward

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Our archive of items related to Municipal Government issues in the District of Port Edward for 2019.



December 3 -- District of Port Edward and partners tackle Diana Lake Clean Up  NCR


November 2 -- District of Port Edward recruiting for Board of Directors for North Pacific Cannery NCR


October 22 -- LNG proposal, Emergency Planning and Halloween among themes for October 13th District of Port Edward Council session  NCR
October 8 -- North Coast candidates "Prince Rupert" debate wandered off the path more than a few times Wednesday NCR


September 21 -- Municipal and Regional District governments to benefit from BC Government's StrongerBC restart plans  NCR 
September 21 -- Transit buses in Prince Rupert/Port Edward up for retrofit  NCR 
September 15 -- Port Edward Infrastructure work making progress NCR


August 25 -- Port Edward Water Advisories (video)
August 6 -- Port Edward's August update puts focus on roads, water and speeding  NCR
August 5 -- Water colouration advisory issued for District of Port Edward residents  NCR


July 24 -- Plans for road relief for Port Edward residents in motion with RFP for Road reconstruction tender  NCR
July 14 -- Equipment maintenance brings discoloured water for Port Edward residents  NCR


June 30 -- Port Edward to return Municipal offices to regular schedule in early July, provide update on June's notes  NCR
June 25 -- Taylor Bachrach on policing in the North (audio)
June 23 -- Wolf sightings continue for Port Edward  NCR
June 17 -- Llamas are leaving
June 17 -- Wolves are becoming more predatory, Conservation Officer Service warns
June 15 -- Port Edward shrinks just a bit following news of Port land purchase  NCR
June 12 -- Port Edward is watching for non residents dumping their recycling goods in the District  NCR
June 11 -- Port of Prince Rupert APM reviews challenges and opportunities ahead for the Northwest Gateway  NCR
June 10 -- With wolves still roaming, Prince Rupert Council is now writing for action from the Province  NCR
June 8 -- District of Port Edward eases its way back towards Regular municipal business NCR
June 5 -- District of Port Edward to open public spaces, fields today  NCR
June 4 -- Wolf necropsy comes back inconclusive
June 3 -- Port Edward wolf necropsy (video)
June 3 -- Necropsy on destroyed Port Edward wolf proves inconclusive  NCR
June 3 -- Transits Free Ride is over, as Port Rupert Transit/Port Edward Transit resume fare collection policies  NCR
June 3 -- Another wolf spotted in Port Edward
June 3 -- Port Edward residents remain on edge after yet another wolf sighting this morning  NCR
June 2 -- Port Edward wolf attack (video)
June 2 -- Port Edward man attacked by wolf
June 1 -- Municipal governments to receive early delivery of Gas Tax Funding to put towards infrastructure  NCR


May 31 -- Search continues for wolf, senior citizen being transferred to Vancouver
May 30 -- Port Edward senior in hospital after unprovoked wolf attack requires surgery
May 30 -- Port Edward wolf attack brings strong Conservation Officer presence  NCR
May 30 -- Wolf Attacks person in Port Edward
May 29 -- Add Bear concerns to the list of Wildlife encounters for North Coast Residents  NCR
May 29 -- With Summer on the horizon, Port Edward Council looks forward to infrastructure work ahead  NCR
May 19 -- Port Edward's Park Planning  NCR
May 19 -- Cancelled session leaves Port Edward with just one Regular Council meeting for May  NCR
May 11 -- Port Edward to get $419,000 from expansive 75 million dollar funding programs for Northern British Columbia  NCR
May 5 -- Free Ride for Transit users in Prince Rupert, Port Edward comes to an end June 1st  NCR


April 30 -- Checkpoint plans and advice for travellers the theme of the day for the North Coast  NCR
April 30 -- Stay away from our recycling bins the call from Port Edward  NCR
April 30 -- Port Edward outlines Budget measures and new Strategic Plan  NCR
April 27 -- BC Transit extends Free rides for Prince Rupert/Port Edward until end of May  NCR
April 16 -- Port Edward Transit reductions (video)
April 16 -- Service changes announced for Port Edward Transit System
April 16 -- Changes now in effect for Transit Service in Port Edward NCR
April 7 -- Municipalities and First Nations sign on to call for Non-essential Travel restrictions to North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii  NCR
April 7 -- Port Edward keeps to governance schedule despite COVID-19 times  NCR
April 3 -- Municipal Government's across BC reviewing their budget making in response to COVID-19  NCR
April 3 -- Tourism Prince Rupert developing recovery strategy for tourism sector in wake of COVID-19 NCR
April 3 -- Season over for North Pacific Cannery Historical site, as Port Edward Historical Society announces closure for 2020  NCR


March 26 -- District of Port Edward Holds Off on any call of Local State of Emergency at this time  NCR
March 23 -- Port Edward set to work with in Prince Rupert, other local governments/organizations in response to COVID-19  NCR
March 20 -- District of Port Edward closes Municipal Offices, facilities NCR
March 20 -- Port Edward Harbour Authority reduces hours/services for Port Edward and Prince Rupert small harbours  NCR
March 6 -- Port Edward Fire Department to benefit from Emergency Preparation funding  NCR
March 6 -- Funding announced for Port Edward Fire Department


January 21 -- Consultation on newsletter, plans for release of Trail study among themes from Port Edward  NCR
January 15 -- Port Edward looks for Bids for Municipal Engineering and public works Consulting services  NCR
January 7 -- Property assessments up in Prince Rupert, down in Port Edward
January 2  -- Some Northwest Property Assessments up Dramatically  (video)
January 2 -- Assessments rise dramatically in Kitimat, Terrace
January 2 -- Kitimat and Terrace lead the way in Northwest on BC Assessment increases NCR

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