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Municipal Government 2019 -- District of Port Edward

District of Port Edward website

Our archive of items related to Municipal Government issues in the District of Port Edward for 2019.



December 18 -- New Port Edward residents local clean up (video)
December 18 -- Port Edward couple cleaning up the community
December 13 -- Closed door is best deterrent in Port Edward (letter to NV editor)
December 5 -- What do you want Port Ed?


November 27 -- Port Edward Council sides with residents over contentious rezoning bylaw
November 19 -- Port Edward Council chambers full over campground dispute
November 13 -- Future is bright for Port Edward: Mayor Bjorndal to Rotary  NCR
November 1 -- Port Edward to hold Public Hearing on zoning amendments for Spruce Avenue properties  NCR


October 25 -- Council Briefs: District of Port Edward
October 24 -- UBCM, rail crossings, and coal dust among District of Port Edward's notes for October  NCR
October 23 -- District of Port Edward launches online Housing Needs Assessment process NCR
October 4 -- UBCM Resolution Checklist: How the Northwest fared at the convention  NCR
October 3 -- Port Edward UBCM notes (video)
October 3 -- No complaints from Port Edward
October 3 -- Rural Dividend Funding program cuts echo across Northwest  NCR
October 2 -- Mayor Bjorndal says rural grant program suspension was 'right thing to do"
October 1 -- NCRD announces Closure of Regional Recycling Depot


September 30 -- Northwest leaders encouraged by Horgan's commitment to Resource Revenue Sharing
September 30 -- Prince Rupert and Port Edwards must say goodbye to their 24/7 recycling station
September 30 -- With plans for Transfer Station Closure, recycling takes a step backwards ... NCR
September 30 -- "We need to get an agreement in place that will stand the test of time:" John Horgan speaks to the work ahead for the Northwest Benefit Alliance initiative  NCR
September 28 -- Premier's address to UBCM provides reassurance for rural communities; but few dollars so far for revenue sharing concerns  NCR
September 27 -- Port Edward sets October 8th as date for Public hearing on land amendment  NCR
September 26 -- As summer season ends, BC Transit modifies its Port Edward service  NCR
September 26 -- New look website greets Port Edward residents providing for wider range of information  NCR
September 26 -- Wrong reception, wrong message ... the mis-steps of UBCM Schmooze night  NCR
September 25 -- Bus schedule change in effect for Prince Rupert and Port Edward
September 24 -- BC Government gives from one hand, while it takes from the other, that as it suspends Rural Dividend Fund  NCR
September 19 -- Coal Dust, Water treatment issues and UBC plans among notes from Port Edward for September  NCR
September 18 -- Mayor Bjorndal on UBCM priorities


August 22 -- What to do about Port Edward's feral cats? It's a moral question
August 21 -- Prince Rupert/Port Edward Fire Mutual aid update  (video)
August 21 -- CN construction in Port Edward off track
August 20 -- Port Edward's August report puts spotlight on new CAO, Summer Camp and delayed work by CN Rail  NCR
August 14 -- Port Edward Councillors say feral cats should be put down, no help from district to spay and neuter
August 14 -- Prince Rupert Fire Rescue put newest fleet additions on display; while some old topics remain unresolved  NCR


July 29 -- Canada wide search for CAO leads Port Edward to Terrace for new senior staffer  NCR
July 26 -- Terrace's economic development manager takes CAO job in Port Edward
July 11 -- Port Edward discusses issues with parking for travel trailers, more revenue expected from busing in 2019
July 5 -- North Pacific looks to maintenance and interpretive exhibits for focus of work this summer  NCR
July 5 -- Reminder fo Port Edward residents on Bear Awareness NCR
July 5 -- Roadwork, CAO search and train whistling are all works in progress for Port Edward  NCR
July 2 -- Port Edward Tot Park (video)


June 28 -- Port Edward and Prince Rupert Port Authority officially unveil the tot-ally new "Granny Annie" park
June 26 -- Port Edward Council
June 12 -- Port Edward Council updates on wolf attacks and work camp lease extended
June 11 -- Video of burnt treated materials shown on day one of Prince Rupert Port Authority trial


May 31 -- Add water supply delivery to the growing list of irritants between Port Edward, Prince Rupert  NCR
May 30 -- Port Edward may cut off water to Watson Island if Prince Rupert does not come to the table
May 27 -- Port Edward Fire Department launches recruitment drive for volunteers NCR
May 27 -- Port Edward makes plans for recreation program for this summer NCR
May 24 -- City of Prince Rupert call for de-incorporation of Port Edward not gaining much traction with the province  NCR
May 22 -- Rupert, Port Ed dispute (video)
May 17 -- Dangerous Goods and Rail (video)
May 15 -- Tax decreases for Port Edward residents
May 1 -- Port Edward Transit Fare changes to into effect today  NCR


April 25 -- Workforce attrition (video)
April 24 -- Northwest local governments team up to fill in future employment gaps
April 23 -- Monthly bus passes on Port Edward route go up 
April 23 -- Northwestern governments team up for workface attraction and retention strategy
April 23 -- Changes to Prince Rupert to Port Edward bus fares 
April 17 -- The Bully Boys of Third Avenue West?  NCR
April 16 -- Port Edward Roadway closure part of April 23rd District Council agenda  NCR
April 16 -- Rupert- Port Edward dispute (video)
April 16 -- Province stepping in on Port Edward, Prince Rupert Dispute


March 29 -- Needle concerns in Port Edward  NCR
March 29 -- Port Edward names Interim Chief for Fire Department  NCR
March 29 -- Money for Diana Lake, promise of update on Ridley Tax Dispute among notes from Port Edward update  NCR
March 26 -- Port Edward begins search to replace departing CAO  NCR
March 15 -- Mutual Aid agreement negotiations between Port Edward and Prince Rupert stalled
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Fire crews won't help Port Edward after negotiations fail
March 15 -- Temperatures on the rise over Ridley Island Tax Dispute  NCR
March 14 -- Port Edward CAO says rot discovered under tiles is adding time and costs
March 14 -- Port Edward councillors raise Vopak emergency preparedness concerns
March 14 -- Port Edward CAO Bob Payette announces resignation
March 13 -- CAO for Port Edward resigns


February 19 -- Train whistling to continue just a little bit longer for Port Edward residents  NCR
February 11 -- Prince Rupert Council to explore options with  BC Transit fare increase planned for Port Edward service  NCR
February 8 -- Population count for Prince Rupert edges upwards in latest BC Stats review  NCR
February 7 -- Port Edward looks towards community garden planning  NCR
February 6 -- Wolf attack on dog this morning brings Conservation Officer Service to Port Edward   NCR


January 24 -- Port Edward Historical Society hopeful for grant funding success for 2019  NCR
January 11 -- How neighbouring North Coast Villages avoided the boil water notice
January 9 -- Port Edward sisters helping out (video)
January 7 -- Seniors housing units ready for tenants in Port Edward
January 4 -- Port Edward forced to shut off water to RV Sanidump
January 3 -- Port Edward turns off frozen pipes at RV Sanidump station
January 3 -- Kitimat sees largest of increases as BC Assessment Notices for 2019 head for the mail box  NCR
January 2 -- Property assessments take big jump in Kitimat - and amore modest rise elsewhere in Northwest 
January 2 -- Northwest Property Assessments (video)
January 2 -- Kitimat tops northwestern BC single family home value increase list

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