Thursday, January 31, 2019

Metlaktala Fly Over

A new video from the Metlakatla First Nation celebrates many of
the local services and facilities of the community
(From MFN website)

The Lands Department of the Metlakatla First nation has taken to the air, creating an impressive visual overview of the community through a five minute flyover tour that highlights many of the amenities that are provided for its residents across the harbour from Prince Rupert.

The tour explores a number of features  of the community, including it's water treatment plant, Health care facility, greenhouse sports fields, administrative service  Transfer and Recycling Centre and Lagoon, as well as to feature some amazing vistas just off the coast. 

The aerial journey also offers up a bit of history of the First Nation and explores the community's focus for the future.

The video is posted to the Metlakatla First Nation Facebook page, you can hop aboard and take flight below:

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