Monday, January 21, 2019

Wind Warning issued for North Coast - Haida Gwaii

A low pressure system is a coming, and as it works its way to the North Coast some strong winds will make their presence known by this evening, with Environment Canada issuing a WIND WARNING for both the North Coast and Haida Gwaii.

For the both areas, winds will be from the southeast at 90 km/h with the potential for peak gusts of 110 km/h as the full force of frontal system arrives.

As the system makes its way onshore we'll see up to 25 mm of rain through the afternoon, evening and overnight period in the Prince Rupert area.

Tuesday and Wednesday promise a lull before the next weather system arrives on  Thursday with periods of rain ahead through to Sunday.

The approaching system has already seen a STORM WARNING put in place for all areas of Hecate Strait, with Winds increasing to 55 knots by this evening, diminishing slightly overnight and then holding to 30  knots through Tuesday.

Seas will build to 5 metres by late this evening, holding at 3 metres through Tuesday evening.

You can get the latest updates from Environment Canada from their website here.

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