Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Registration period ahead for SD52 Kindergarten program

Parents and Guardians of children of kindergarten age have a fifteen day period ahead to register their youngsters for the School District 52 Kindergarten program for the fall of 2019.

The program is available to children who are five years old by December 31st of 2019, making them eligible for the fall school session in September.

Registration at Prince Rupert schools takes place from February 1 to 15  at your neighbourhood schools from 9AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM,

For the Port Edward School program, registration will take place from 9AM to 11:30 AM. The Port Edward registration takes place on Tuesday's and Thursday's only.

For parents/guardians looking to enrol their children in the SD52 French Immersion program, that takes place at Roosevelt School.

To register you should bring your Child's Birth Certificate or other proof of age such as Permanent Residence Card, Provincial ID Card or Passport.

Also to be provided at time of registration: BC Care Card, Immunization Records and Proof address.

Parents have the option of deferring their children's entry to school for one year, based on readiness. You are asked to contact you neighbourhood school for further consultation if you have concerns about your child's readiness.

The School District also reminds parents and guardians that students who are not registered during the February registration period are not guaranteed a placement at their neighbourhood school.

A look at the catchment areas for School District 52 can be found below:

The SD52 catchment area map, click to enlarge
(From SD52)

For the French Immersion Program for Kindergarten and Grade One, the background towards the program is as follows.

French immersion is a bilingual program that is hosted at Ecole Roosevelt, the program is open to all children throughout the Prince Rupert School District.

French language spoken at home is not a pre -requisite for the program, and most parents of  French Immersion students typically do not speak French themselves.

Children in the District that are entering Kindergarten or Grade One may register for French immersion.

The program runs at Roosevelt School as a dual track school, offering both a complete French Immersion K-5 program as well as a complete K-5 English program.

Those looking to learn more about the French Immersion program can visit Roosevelt School, or call the office at 250-624-6126.

Those parents who are considering a request to change schools for their children, they must register their children in their catchment area school first.  You can then submit a cross boundary form (available at the school)  and submit it to the catchment school.

All  Cross boundary Boundary requests for September 2019 must be submitted in February of this year.  Any requests that are received after February 28th will not be considered until September of 2019.

Information from the School District, as well as a link to the cross boundary application form can be found here.

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