Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Transition House Society set to fill employment positions for Crow's Nest Lodge

With work moving at a quickening pace towards completion of the city's supportive housing facility on Park Avenue, The North Coast Transition Society has begun posting job opportunities for when the new facility opens for tenants sometime in March.

Crow's nest Lodge is the supportive housing proposal that the city and province combined forces on in 2018, as part of an answer to the Tent City protests of 2017.

And while significantly delayed from its original delivery date, the new facility when it opens will be a much needed and much welcomed addition to the city's housing stock and should make for an important addition to the services offered to the community's most vulnerable residents.

The timeline for delivery of the now 36 supportive units (down from 44) was outlined back in  July of 2018, when civic and provincial officials gathered at the Transition House in Prince Rupert to chart the course ahead.

As the construction phase nears its end, the focus will shift to the training required to get employees in place to hit the ground running when the facility opens, with Transition House Society describing the approach to service delivery as follows:

Crow’s Nest Lodge, supportive housing with wrap-around services, will be opening in March! We will require support staff to work with the clients in this residential setting for those facing multiple barriers to stable, long-term housing.

In a post to their Facebook page on Tuesday, NCTS outlined the scope of the hiring plans which will see the following positions filled.

Support Workers 8 full time positions, plus casual employment

Tenant Support Worker


The Transition House staff will be looking for applicants who have completed high school, are non-judgmental, caring, reliable and able to meet people where they are.

You can review the full details related to the job opportunities here.

To find out more about the positions contact April Link, Housing Manager at

You can find some of the past notes on the path for the Crow's Nest Lodge from our Housing archives over the last few years.

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