Friday, January 11, 2019

Atmospheric "Fire Hose" has delivered High Avalanche conditions in back country

Avalanche Dangers are high in the back country this weekend

The arrival of a pacific front into the Northwest today has given cause for those that plan to take to the back country this weekend to be aware of the growing Avalanche dangers, particularly in the North Coast - Coastal regions.

In the latest bulletin for the Northwest region, Avalanche Canada has put out a High Danger rating for the Alpine and Treeline ranges, while the risk is rated as Considerable for the area below the tree-line.

Earlier in the day, the Avalanche Canada website had observing how today's weather system had put the Northwest Coast in the cross hairs of a Pacific Fire Hose, with intense precipitation, extreme winds and warm temperatures set to prime the snow pack for avalanches.

The next forecast for the back country is expected to be delivered Saturday afternoon, you can access the current report from the Avalanche Canada forecast site here.

A rating of high is the second highest category of the four that Avalanche Canada provide.  You can learn more about their work and the preparations that you can take for you back country travels from their website.

More notes related to weather in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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