Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending January 27, 2019

After six weeks, some of Prince Rupert's residents were told they could return to their tap water, an update from the City bringing a change in status for the city's water notice, with the Boil Order removed for most, other than those caring for young infants or those with health concerns.

And while the change to a Water Quality Advisory was indeed welcome news, when it come comes the list of five of the last seven days, it was a story on the city's plans for some derelict cars that gained the larges audience.

With readers exploring our notes on what the city has planned for a number of abandoned vehicles on hand attracting a large audience.

A road trip to remember for the Charles Hays Rainmakers Senior Boys also found much interest, as we followed the Makers from start to finish at the Vancouver College Emerald Tournament which wrapped up on Saturday evening.

The increase of security measures on BC Transit was also of interest this week, as readers reviewed our notes on the move to install cameras on transit services across the province including the North Coast.

And Rail safety was on the mind of many Northwest residents this week as Bruce Campbell,  the author of the Lac Megantic Rail Disaster outlined some things that residents along the northern   mainline  should be aware with the transport of fuels set to increase on CN's Northern line.

However the top story of the week found cars, derelict cars and what to do with them as a popular theme of the week.

City outlines plans to demolish unclaimed vehicles  -- An item that caught our eye this week on the city's plans for some of the derelict vehicles around town proved to be a popular story for the week, collecting a large number of views along the way.    (posted January 21, 2019)

That article was followed by:

Prince Rupert Water Notice Downgraded to Water Quality Advisory -- Some long awaited news on the city's six week Boil Water Order Notice was delivered mid way through Friday afternoon, as the City issued a downgrade to that of a Water Quality Advisory. The Prince Rupert water woes proved to be a topic that was one of much interest, with  a number of our items on the week  (here and here and here) all attracting large audiences    (posted January 25 , 2019)

Rainmakers take AA Top Dog Status into high profile Vancouver area tournament -- It was quite the run for the Charles Hays Rainmakers in Vancouver this past week, as Mel Bishop led the Senior Boys into the highly regarded Vancouver College Emerald Tournament, with the Rainmakers working their way to the final on Saturday night. The Finale to the three days delivered some high tempo basketball as the AA level Makers, gave the AAAA Terry Fox squad all they could handle, coming up just 4 points short of claiming the tournament championship in a 74-70 showdown with the top echelon Lower mainland squad.  (posted January 25, 2019)

More security now in place on BC transit buses across province -- An expanded security program by BC Transit has put cameras aboard a growing list of transit vehicles in the province, including those serving Prince Rupert and Port Edward   (posted January 23, 2019)

Discussion on Rail Safety set for Prince Rupert January 26th -- As the prospect of Prince Rupert becoming a major shipper of liquid propane and other fuels gets closer, the volume of rail cars transporting products for export will increase along the CN Rail mainline from Alberta to the North Coast. The theme of rail safety provided for the subject of a number of presentations across the Northwest this week, with Prince Rupert hosting a Saturday night session with author Bruce Campbell     (posted January , 2019)

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