Thursday, January 31, 2019

Council approves quest for grant funding for range of projects and proposals

Monday's City council session provided the green light for city staff to move forward on a number of grant funding opportunities with the Civic Centre, Lester Centre and Emergency Services program the focus for the night.

David Geronazzo, the City's Director of Recreation and Community Services outlined the wide ranging approach the city is taking through what it calls the "Recreation and Culture Energy Efficiency and Risk Management Upgrade Project."

A program which would include a number of renovations to both the Recreation Complex and Lester Centre, included on the to do list, replacement of the aging boiler and heating system components, conversion to a new and safer pool disinfection system and the installation of a new emergency ventilation system in the Civic Centre.

Those elements were identified by Mr. Geronazzo as in need of immediate attention in order to ensure for energy efficiency and safe use of the facilities.

The grant funding if received would see close to 483,000 dollars directed towards the projects, the city's cost towards the work was listed at 175,650 dollars, something which has already been accounted for in capital spending for 2019.

Councillor Randhawa was the only member to speak to the topic on Monday, inquiring as to the city's cost and if it would have any additional impact on the taxpayer.

The other funding opportunity that the City will pursue is to access a program hosted by UBCM to purchase emergency identifier vests and upgraded digital waterproof radios for the Emergency Operations Centre staff, as well as an engineering cost estimate for a generator for the Public Works Department.

The City is looking to access 25,000 dollars from the provincial program which funds municipal requests at 100 percent, meaning no cost for the City if they are successful in their application.

You can review the presentations from the City's Video feed from Monday night.

Mr. Geronazzo makes his pitch at the 36 minute mark, Ms. Stewart's update is available at 39 minutes

Details for both funding programs can also be reviewed from the City's Agenda for Monday evening.

The Recreation/Lester funding is outlines on page 8

The Emergency Preparedness funding is found on page 10.

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