Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Municipal Government -- Discussion Points/Community notes related to Prince Rupert City Council 2019

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2019, as well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2019


December 16 -- Latest Job Opportunity with City of Prince Rupert highlights ongoing quest for lifeguards  NCR
December 16 -- Still no sign of an Alaska Marine Highway System return for Prince Rupert  NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert City Vision 2030 (video)
December 13 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority announces Seal Cove restoration project
December 13 -- City of Prince Rupert and community partners share joint announcements
December 13 -- Big Plans Ahead: Prince Rupert Reveals 2030 Vision
December 13 -- A new vision unveiled for Prince Rupert
December 13 -- Port of Prince Rupert expands on plans for Seal Cove redevelopment  NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert 2030 Vision plan archive  NCR
December 13 -- Collaboration the focus for Prince Rupert 2030 Announcements, setting the template for the future as program of civic renewal moves forward NCR
December 13 -- Many moving parts and many questions to come for Prince Rupert 2030 vision plan NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert residents get first glimpse of redesign plan for the city (audio)
December 12 -- Redesign the City of Prince Rupert
December 12 -- Limited licensed care options, lack of a centralized registry, costs and shortages among child care concerns in Rupert
December 12 -- The future is the feature ... As City of Prince Rupert and partners prepare to present Prince Rupert 2030 Vision tonight at the Lester Centre NCR
December 12 -- City of Prince Rupert to dedicate $850,000 towards paving plans for 2020 NCR
December 12 -- City Council to hold Special Council session tonight at 5:30 PM  NCR
December 12 -- City of Prince Rupert releases preliminary findings from Child Care study  NCR
December 12 -- For City Council it's a selective approach to National attention  NCR
December 11 -- Council celebrates the work of Photographer Phuong Nguyen  NCR
December 10 -- Assessments Expected to climb again in Northwest BC, bucking provincial trend
December 11 -- Northwest anticipated to feature higher assessment rates for British Columbia in 2020  NCR
December 10 -- Bowling enthusiasts voice concerns over fate of Terrace bowling alley  (video)
December 10 -- Assessments Expected to climb again in Northwest BC, bucking provincial trendDecember 11 -- Northwest anticipated to feature higher assessment rates for British Columbia in 2020  NCR
December 11 -- Capital project tutorial 'paves' the way to 2020 for City Council  NCR
December 11 -- Council's take away following Policing report: Prince Rupert remains a safe community  NCR
December 11 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, December 9 2019  NCR
December 10 -- Assessments expected to climb again in Northwest BC, bucking provincial trend
December 10 -- Prince Rupert's Capital Budget approved (video)
December 10 -- Phuong Nugyen, Prince Rupert Citizen, receives Civic Appreciation award (video)
December 10 -- Council briefs
December 10 -- CityWest deliver $600,000 distribution payment to City of Prince Rupert for 2019  NCR
December 9 -- Prince Rupert Labour market on the rise
December 9 -- Job openings in Prince Rupert projected to increase three times provincial average 
December 9 -- Capital Works and Spending plans up for review at Council tonight  NCR
December 9 -- redesign rupert labour market study highlights accelerated growth and demand for jobs anticipated for Prince Rupert and the North Coast  NCR
December 9 -- City Council to hear report on policing from Detachment Inspector tonight  NCR
December 9 -- City of Prince Rupert to pay tribute to the work and civic commitment of photographer Phuong Nguyen tonight NCR
December 9 -- City Council Preview: Monday, December 9, 2019  NCR
December 9 -- Prince Rupert was more than ready for its close up! As Roger's Sportsnet's Hometown Hockey showcased the city to national audience  NCR
December 9 -- Wasn't that a weekend, Prince Rupert !!!  NCR
December 5 -- Victoria's City Council learns a hard lesson on salaries ... one other communities may want to take note of  NCR
December 5 -- Northern BC's lifeguard shortage is part of an international problem (audio)
December 4 -- Northern BC has a lifeguard shortage (audio)
December 3 -- City's Active Living Guide offers snapshot of more than just Recreation options in the community  NCR
December 3 -- City of Prince Rupert outlines parking plan for Rogers Hometown Hockey event  NCR
December 2 -- Mayor's invite to redesign rupert event highlights the plans for Prince Rupert 2030 and offers the promise of 'exciting news'   NCR


November 29 -- Program for Rogers Hometown Hockey promises quite the show next weekend at the Civic Centre NCR
November 29 -- Northern Health continues quest to fill large volume of open positions in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 29 -- North Coast Transition House Society outlines housing options offered across the City  NCR
November 28 -- Prince Rupert's Special Events, Arts Council are getting kicked out of City Hall
November 28 -- Lies, damned lies and statistics
November 28 -- Special Events Eviction from City Hall (video)
November 28 -- Fate of Alaska Marine Highway Service to Prince Rupert for State of Alaska to Announce  NCR
November 28 -- Detachment Discussion Deferred to December NCR
November 28 -- Prince Rupert's use of chlorine in civic water supply latest focus for national consortium of journalists  NCR
November 27 -- Councillor Cunningham calls for collective approach to securing health care in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 27 -- Council hears overview of 2019 Golf year from Prince Rupert Golf Society  NCR
November 27 -- Special Events Society make note of some of the challenges of relocation plans for City Council  NCR
November 27 -- Council approves City Staff recommendations for Community Enhancement Grants with one addition to the list  NCR
November 27 -- Clear Sailing for Pillsbury Avenue zoning change  NCR
November 27 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, November 25, 2019 NCR
November 25 -- Prince Rupert City Council settles on 2020 schedule  NCR
November 26 -- Council Briefs
November 25 -- Community Groups to learn status of Enhancement Grant application success, or not, tonight  NCR
November 22 -- Change of plans means No Fall Qualifying play for 2020 All Native Basketball Tournament  NCR
November 21 -- Prince Rupert is Hometown Hockey and here's everything you need to know
November 21 -- Event detail announced for Hometown Hockey
November 21 -- Break out the Plaid for November 29th as Plaid Friday returns to Prince Rupert  NCR
November 21 -- With New Federal cabinet, there are new faces in some key areas of note for the Northwest  NCR
November 21 -- Maclean's notes on crime offer Prince Rupert City Council some themes to discuss with local RCMP  NCR
November 20 -- Prince Rupert, Terrace listed among 15 top cities marked as Canada's Most Dangerous Places for 2020  NCR
November 18 -- Prince Rupert 2030 Vision ready to be shared with the public
November 18 -- Next stage for Redesign Rupert set to be revealed at December 12th Lester Centre Event  NCR
November 18 -- Prince Rupert remains partial focus for latest report in nationwide tainted water series  NCR
November 18 -- As Rogers Hometown Hockey gets closer, City of Prince Rupert is looking for a North Coast Superfan  NCR
November 15 -- Ferries, alternate approval results and internal elections the focus for Regional District meeting tonight in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 15 -- Equipment and Supplies make for items for RFP's from City of Prince Rupert  NCR
November 15 -- Pillsbury Avenue Zoning change request to go to Public Hearing November 25th NCR
November 15 -- Province pays out 2019 grants in lieu of taxes across the Northwest  NCR
November 14 -- Location chosen for Hometown Hockey events
November 14 -- Beach Place Sewer and Storm infrastructure replacement next up on the City's to do list  NCR
November 14 -- A call for priority status for housing issues in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 13 -- City of Prince Rupert looks to pain the town red (with a bit of white)  ... in honour of Rogers' Hometown Hockey arrival  NCR
November 12 -- City to commence with Moresby park Tank Removal Project  NCR
November 11 -- Prince Rupert remembers with new plaque for Private Olsen
November 8 -- Prince Rupert receives close to $140,000 in funding as Province releases list of communities to benefit from latest Gaming Grant funding  NCR
November 8 -- City seeks bids for Rushbrook Float replacement project  NCR
November 7 -- City's Vactor truck purchase borrowing authorization approved by Council NCR
November 7 -- Fare box freeze brings declines in revenues for Prince Rupert Transit  NCR
November 7 -- Those in Prince Rupert Not Flush in Cash, could use a little advocacy on latest water notes  NCR
November 6 -- Wat-er you going to do about it?
November 6 -- RCMP's Roll Call at City Council set for later this month  NCR
November 6 -- Progress on East side paving projects promised soon  NCR
November 6 -- For Mayor Brain the source of the latest water woes for the City and Council is ... a misrepresentative media report  NCR
November 6 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, November 4, 2019  NCR
November 5 -- Rupert Ferry rates (video)
November 5 -- Rupert water and lead (video)
November 5 -- Apples to Oranges: Prince Rupert Mayor Calls comparisons to Flint Unfair
November 5 -- Council Briefs
November 4 -- City of Prince Rupert says 'water worse than Flint' data is misrepresentative
November 5 -- Global News and partners reports dig deep in Canada's water issues  NCR
November 4 -- City provides 'Clarifying Statement' after national media coverage on topic of lead in the home water of some city residents  NCR
November 4 -- City's RCMP detachment the latest job opportunity available through the City of Prince Rupert  NCR
November 4 -- Prince Rupert's lead in the water woes make for talking point across Canada (and beyond)  NCR
November 1 -- Prince Rupert's Social Media Halloween Parade  NCR


October 31 -- British Columbia's extreme winter shelter program launches tomorrow. Prince Rupert's shelter on Third West among the Northwest options  NCR
October 31 -- Prince Rupert looking to refresh its logo/branding
October 31 -- Prince Rupert RCMP needs to revamp their communication procedures
October 31 -- Mayor Lee Brain should go along for the bumpy ride (Letter to NV editor)
October 20 -- Rupert Brand bid (video)
October 30 -- Complete Streets for Prince Rupert offer some redesign tips for City Council  NCR
October 29 -- City of Prince Rupert to seek bids for Branding Project for new Community Brand Identity including Civic Logo  NCR
October 25 -- Northwest BC mayors join in Terrace to discuss impacts of growth
October 25 -- Clarity Cannabis edges closer towards its big Prince Rupert reveal  NCR
October 25 -- AMHS set to tie up Malsapina, with future of 56 year old vessel still to be determined  NCR
October 24 -- New Operators of pair of Prince Rupert Seniors residences look to the future with growth in mind  NCR
October 24 -- City of Prince Rupert hosts service recognition event for employees  NCR
October 24 -- Mayor Brain passes on his congratulations to newly elected MP Taylor Bacrach NCR
October 23 -- Prince Rupert Curling Club to seek out grant funding towards ice making woes  NCR
October 23 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks 'Residents rate' for North Coast BC ferry travel  NCR
October 23 -- Council renews call for updates from local RCMP detachment on range of civic issues  NCR
October 23 -- SPCA's Joe Griffith shares some of the challenges of the Prince Rupert Shelter, along with some potential solutions  NCR
October 23 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, October 23, 2019  NCR
October 22 -- CityWest and IBEW Local 213 consolidate unions
October 22 -- Prince Rupert Council hears SPCA update (video)
October 22 -- Rupert Council seeks more frequent RCMP updates (video)
October 22 -- Council Briefs: Cunningham puts 'resident rate' for transportation on the table
October 22 -- Unions set to consolidate at CityWest under new labour agreement
October 17 -- City of Prince Rupert foots the bill for armed RCMP officers at Alaska Ferry Terminal, two trips scheduled
October 17 -- Mayor Brain confirms City's RCMP commitment to short term return of AMHS vessels  NCR
October 17 -- Has Prince Rupert picked up the security tab for two AMHS sailings of October and November  NCR
October 16 -- Temporary service for the Alaska Marine Highway
October 16 -- Alaska Ferry sailings (video)
October 16 -- Rupert Livestock (video)
October 16 -- Alaska Marine Highway Service to Prince Rupert Temporarily restored
October 16 -- State of Alaska applauds cooperation on AMHS service resumptions, outlines further details on future plans  NCR
October 16 -- Nation2Nation forum set to bring wide cross section of speakers to Terrace for three day conference  NCR
October 16 -- October, November sailings bring AMHS vessel Malaspina back to Prince Rupert for special trips  NCR
October 15 -- Alaska Ferry update (video)
October 15 -- Fire department's open house the hottest event of the weekend
October 15 -- Still No Service to Prince Rupert - AMHS update
October 15 -- Prince Rupert mayor on Resource Benefits (video)
October 15 -- Prince Rupert Mayor Pushing for Resource Benefits Alliance
October 15 -- City Work crews continue to play whack a mole with city streets  NCR
October 15 -- Northern Savings takes on the challenge of the Dairy Queen building  NCR
October 13 -- Last house standing from Third Avenue Fire demolished
October 12 -- From Prince Rupert and Port Edward politicians to business owners, why #newspapersmatter to them
October 12 -- 11th Avenue reopens to east-west traffic; limited boil water Notice in effect for some residents  NCR
October 11 -- Fire Prevention in Prince Rupert (video)
October 11 -- Prince Rupert Fire Department hits the schools for Fire Prevention Week
October 11 -- Brevity for City Council sessions, leaves much left unsaid in public forum  NCR
October 11 -- Cow Bay Marina revenues slowed in August, leaving facility off anticipated pace for 2019  NCR
October 10 -- City's new Communication policy brings City Hall into the Social Media age  NCR
October 9 -- UFAWU Desperate (video)
October 9 -- City's water supply theme for range of talking points at Monday's Council Session  NCR
October 9 -- "Everyone is in the hole, everyone is desperate": UFAWU-Unifor's Thorkelson to City Council on fishery issues  NCR
October 9 -- City Council Timeline: Monday October 7 2019  NCR
October 8 -- Boil water notice for section of Prince Rupert removed
October 8 -- Net comes up empty for UFAWU-Unifor fishermen seeking disaster releif, city council offers help
October 8 -- Prince Rupert lifts Boil Water Notice
October 8 -- West side residents given all clear, as City removes Boil Water Notice in Section Two  NCR
October 8 -- Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, the mantra this month from City Hall NCR
October 8 -- Prince Rupert's Fire/Rescue Department puts focus on safety during Fire Prevention week NCR
October 8 -- Mayor suggests other issues beyond local policing at heart of AMHS closure  NCR
October 7 -- Prince Rupert boil water notice remains in effect
October 7 -- Graham/Atlin and all of Section Two remain under a Boil Water Notice NCR
October 7 -- 11th Avenue East work continues with traffic disruptions remaining in place  NCR
October 7 -- City Council Preview: Monday, October 7 2019  NCR
October 4 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water (video)
October 4 -- City of Prince Rupert opens Application period for Community Enhancement Grant process  NCR
October 4 -- Small town sedition, is the best Sedition  NCR
October 4 -- UBCM Resolution Checklist: How the Northwest fared at the convention  NCR
October 4 -- Boil Water Notice issued for some Prince Rupert residents
October 3 -- Wolf spotted roaming residential street in Prince Rupert twice in two days
October 3 -- Boil Water Notice in effect for section of Prince Rupert
October 3 -- Graham/Atlin areas and remainder of Section Two under Boil Water Notice  NCR
October 3 -- City looks to add to its employment pool; with new posting for Recreation Facilities Manager  NCR
October 3 -- Rural Dividend Funding program cuts echo across Northwest  NCR
October 2 -- Water Service repairs require closure of Eastbound lane of 11th Avenue East  NCR
October 1 -- NCRD recycling closure of 24/7 access (video)
October 1 -- Northwestern BC Mayors want more revenue from resource projects  (audio)
October 1 -- NCRD announces closure of Regional Recycling Depot
October 1 -- New Schedule in place for Digby Island Airport Ferry Run  NCR
October 1 -- Fire Station Open House to be part of next week's Fire Prevention Week activities in Prince Rupert  NCR
October 1 -- Northwestern Mayors want more revenue from resource projects  (audio)


September 30 -- Northwest Leaders encouraged by Horgan's commitment to Resource Revenue Sharing
September 30 -- Prince Rupert and Port Edward must say goodbye to their 24/7 recycling station
September 30 -- With plans for Transfer Station closure, Recycling takes a step backwards .. before curb side pickup plans are ready  NCR
September 30 -- For Now  ... or Forever? Only time will tell! MV Malaspina set to sail off into the night, as AMHS service to Prince Rupert comes to an end  NCR
September 30 -- Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain outlines checklist of themes explored at UBCM  NCR
September 30 -- 'We need to get an agreement in place that will stand the test of time": John Horgan speaks to the work ahead for the northwest Benefit Alliance initiative NCR
September 28 -- Premier's address to UBCM provides reassurance for rural communities; but few dollars so far for revenue sharing concerns  NCR
September 27 -- Dive into your work with two new career opportunities at Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR
September  26 -- Wrong reception, wrong message ... the mis-steps of UBCM schmooze night  NCR
September 25 -- More infrastructure woes for City with water main break along Fifth Avenue  NCR
September 25 -- City opens Request for Proposals process for Sewer Inspection project  NCR
September 25 -- Prince Rupert's Property Bargain hunters have a weekend of travel ahead, as City's Annual Tax Sale Nears NCR
September 24 -- Prince Rupert Property Tax exemptions near 363,000 dollar mark for 2020  NCR
September 24 -- BC Government gives from one hand, while it takes back with the other, that as it suspends Rural Dividend Fund  NCR
September 23 -- Weekend-long tent city protest comes to an end, here's what happened
September 23 -- Mayor, Council and Senior Staff in Vancouver for UBCM convention week  NCR
September 23 -- Mayor Brain hopes to share thoughts on Global Climate Awareness with local students  NCR
September 23 -- Tent City Redux in Prince Rupert NCR
September 22 -- Tents pitched outside City Hall to protest treatment of Prince Rupert's homeless
September 19 -- Brain says Alaska wants to keep ferry service afloat, but federal waters remain murky
September 19 -- Immediate deal to reinstate AMHS in Prince Rupert not out of the question: Mayor Brain
September 19 -- Mayor's update on Alaska Ferry offers few details on three stage plan to address Alaskan concerns  NCR
September 19 -- Mayor Brain's Ferry quest reportedly comes up short following meeting with Alaska Transportation Director  NCR
September 18 -- Prince Rupert Mayor in Alaska for Ferry talks  (video)
September 18 -- Prince Rupert Mayor Travels to Alaska hoping to preserve State Ferry service to City
September 18 -- Prince Rupert Mayor pushing for Alaska ferry service to continue
September 18 -- Mayors Brain and Bjorndal weigh-in on UBCM priorities
September 18 -- If speed is your need, CityWest has a Gigabit plan for you! NCR
September 18 -- Mariner's Park Ships' navigation flub to be addressed by City's Pirate Mates! NCR
September 18 -- Mayor Brain in Alaska for Southeast Conference to discuss AMHS options among agenda items  NCR
September 16 -- Agreement reached with City of Prince Rupert
September 16 -- City of Prince Rupert strengthen their commitment to Coast Tsimshian nations
September 16 -- City of Prince Rupert, Metlakatla First Nation and Lax Kw'alaams Band sign relationship protocol  NCR
September 16 -- Mayor's journey North will feature notes on Alaska Ferry solutions and relations with Alaska cities and towns  NCR
September 13 -- Prince Rupert not alone in fight to save ferry to Ketchikan: Alaskan Rep Ortiz
September 13 -- Glacier Media report highlights how more effort is required by municipalities on themes of transparency and accountability  NCR
September 13 -- Cow Bay Marina saw better July revenues, but still streams lower than budget projections  NCR
September 13 -- (Not) seeing green in our indoor public spaces
September 13 -- Lt. Governor Janet Austin to launch tour of North Coast, Haida Gwaii and points south from Prince Rupert today  NCR
September 13 -- Hometown Hockey coming to Prince Rupert
September 13 -- Progress being made towards planning for replacement of Prince Rupert Middle School  NCR
September 12 -- New Gathering Centre for youth in Prince Rupert opens with debut of Raven Youth Lounge  NCR
September 12 -- Child Care 101: After a Monday Council presentation, Prince Rupert City Council is ready for the test on Child Care  NCR
September 12 -- Prince Rupert Council approves development permit for Rupert Lawn and Garden's Seal Cove plans  NCR
September 12 -- As Alaska Representative Dan Ortiz visits Prince Rupert; MLA Rice, MP Cullen speak to pending end of Alaska Ferry service to Prince Rupert  NCR
September 12 -- How the shutdown of a Prince Rupert-Alaska ferry will affect Indigenous people on both sides of the border (audio)
September 11 -- Hometown Hockey Coming to Prince Rupert
September 11 -- Majority of work on Woodworth Dam to take place in 2020  NCR
September 11 -- One Stop registration for fall programs goes tonight at the prince Rupert Civic Centre  NCR
September 11 -- Prince Rupert Child Care (video)
September 11 -- Councillor Adey looks to rally Council members to cause of local fish workers in Prince Rupert  NCR
September 11 -- They may not like it; but they signed off on it ... Prince Rupert's Ridley Tax Sharing payment to Port Edward hits the $1.25 million mark  NCR
September 11 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, September 9, 2019  NCR
September 10 -- Rupert Lawn and Garden Plans (video)
September 10 -- Rupert Lawn and Garden to Open Coffee Shop with New Store
September 10 -- MP Nathan Cullen working to maintain Alaskan Ferry Service
September 10 -- Council Briefs
September 10 -- This is not the end of Alaska Ferry in Prince Rupert: Cullen and Brain
September 10 -- Prince Rupert's on the map! TheRogers Hometown hockey tour map NCR
September 9 -- City Council expected to move Morseby Park Fuel Tank removal project forward tonight  NCR
September 9 -- City Council Preview: Monday, September 9 2019 NCR
September 9 -- Gimme Shelter ... with campus housing in  Terrace and Smithers. When can students in Prince Rupert expect similar accommodations? NCR
September 9 -- How the loss of a Prince Rupert to Alaska ferry will cut off families (audio)
September 6 -- Mayor on Alaska Ferry issues (video)
September 6 -- New student housing on the way for Terrace campus of Coast Mountain College  NCR
September 6 -- Prince Rupert Mayor hopeful Alaska Ferry Service can be saved
September 6 -- Prince Rupert Mayor to travel to Alaska in quest of AMHS service closure reversal  NCR
September 6 -- Look down before you cross on Second Avenue; one crosswalk gone
September 5 -- This is not the end of Alaska ferry: Prince Rupert Mayor
September 5 -- Council members make quick work of Tuesday's Special Council session  NCR
September 5 -- Work underway for Second Avenue West cross walk removal  NCR
September 4 -- Alaska Ferry Service to Prince Rupert ending
September 4 -- Failure to secure armed RCMP presence at Prince Rupert's terminal leads to end of Alaska ferry service
September 4 -- Alaska Marine Highway System to end service to Prince Rupert
September 4 -- Alaska Marine Highway System to end Service to Prince Rupert on October 1st  NCR
September 4 -- Former Dog Obedience Trainer weighs in on Seal Cove Dog incident  NCR
September 4 -- Rupert Dog Shot (video)
September 3 -- Special City Council session scheduled for this evening  NCR
September 3 -- Friday police incident with dog in Seal Cove churned Social media all weekend  NCR
September 1 -- Prince Rupert RCMP  shoot and kill dog
September 1 -- City relays details of Friday Police incident involving an aggressive dog in Seal Cove area  NCR


August 30 -- Rupert lead in water (video)
August 30 -- Much anticipated launch of Prince Rupert to Terrace Airport shuttle could come next week NCR
August 30 -- Crime Stats make for conversations in communities around the Northwest ... with one exception  NCR
August 29 -- Elevated levels of lead found in homes after City of Prince Rupert tests first flushing
August 29 -- Get the lead out ... Prince Rupert issues water flushing reminder
August 29 -- Amid results of some elevated lead issues; City issues reminder for public of importance of 'flushing' of private homes and commercial buildings  NCR
August 29 -- With fall and winter approaching, ongoing housing issues will again come to the forefront of discussion   NCR
August 29 -- There will be no YOU in UBER in Prince Rupert; as ride sharing giant limits its plans to Vancouver for upcoming launch  NCR
August 28 -- McBride Street gets the green light, tow other roads re-opened after paving
August 28 -- After extended boil water advisory, Prince Rupert gets new water treatment facility (audio)
August 27 -- City of Prince Rupert announces $22M for water treatment project
August 27 -- Rupert water funds (video)
August 27 -- Prince Rupert, Burns Lake receive funding for water infrastructure projects
August 27 -- Prince Rupert gets funding for final phase of water project 
August 27 -- Break from the rain puts the paving machines into motion on McBride  NCR
August 27 -- Federal, Provincial funding secured for 30 million plus water treatment plans; City's share to be 8 million dollars  NCR
August 23 -- Have Prince Rupert's fish workers been kicked to the curb by area politicians?  NCR
August 22 -- City's landfill expansion plans expected to move forward in 2020  NCR
August 22 -- Biggar Place Rezoning request moves one step closer to success  NCR
August 21 -- Prince Rupert/Port Edward Fire Mutual Aid update (video)
August 21 -- Prince Rupert to assess child care needs
August 21 -- City of Prince Rupert seeking parents' opinions to address child care issues 
August 21 -- Child care the theme for latest City of Prince Rupert consultation  NCR
August 21 -- Questions on structure of Redesign Rupert raised at Council session  NCR
August 21 -- Status of Road project completion dates raised by Councillor Cunningham  NCR
August 21 -- Observations on the state of downtown and lack of housing make for contribution to public comment period of Council session  NCR
August 21 -- Themes of a "Second Home" dominate presentation for Council on latest  Lester Centre notes  NCR
August 21 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, August 19, 2019 NCR
August 20 -- Rupert Rail Safety week (video)
August 20 -- With eye on curb-side recycling potential for the future, City seeks out new wast collection vehicle  NCR
August 20 -- Cedar Village Housing Society opens applications for new Elders/Seniors residence on Green Street  NCR
August 19 -- Council Briefs
August 19 -- Prince Rupert shuttle service to get underway
August 19 -- City of Prince Rupert says McBride Street project ready for pavement NCR
August 19 -- Cow Bay Marina Revenues remain low through June; Park expenditures on the rise this summer  NCR
August 19 -- Public Hearing on Zoning change request for Biggar Place properties set for tonight's Council session  NCR
August 19 -- City Council Preview: Monday, August 19, 2019 NCR
August 16 -- Water repairs require home flushing steps for some homeowners on Seventh Avenue East  NCR
August 15 -- A defense of the golf course
August 14 -- UBCM outlines some of the key speakers, and Resolutions to consider for this years municipal government convention NCR
August 14 -- Prince Rupert Fire Rescue put newest fleet additions on display; while some old topics remain unresolved  NCR
August 14 -- Some Dog Days of road construction for Prince Rupert  NCR
August 13 -- Water repair Wednesday
August 13 -- Water Repairs to reduce traffic lanes Wednesday on 5th Ave East  NCR
August 13 -- Sunny days make for good line painting days in Prince Rupert  NCR
August 13 -- Coast Mountain College looks to 'unravel the mystery' of local government with September course   NCR
August 9 -- Prince Rupert and Terrace make top 50 on Canada's Best Communities List
August 9 -- Prince Rupert, Terrace claim Top Fifty spots in latest Maclean's survey of Canadian communities  NCR
August 3 -- Stats show violent crime in Prince Rupert drops overall
August 2 -- Everyone back in the pool ... Earl Mah Aquatic Centre reopens August 8  NCR
August 2 -- City puts communication tower projects up for Bid  NCR
August 2 -- Facing 'significant challenges' Northern Mayors call on Ottawa for help in BC forestry crisis  NCR
August 1 -- Let's Redesign Rupert, sustainably


July 31 -- Prince Rupert seeking contractor for landfill
July 31 -- City looks towards more work at the Ridley Island landfill site  NCR
July 30 -- Auditor General's Report explores state of British Columbia's drinking water  NCR
July 30 -- Impact of increased trade through Port of Prince Rupert creating jobs, driving economic activity  NCR
July 29 -- Prince Rupert RCMP investigate suspicious occurrence at rear of City Hall  NCR
July 29 -- Recreation the theme for current Rupert Talks Survey NCR
July 29 -- City advises for motorists to avoid George Hills Way today, as paving project gets underway NCR
July 26 -- Voting Rights motion receives unanimous endorsement from Prince Rupert City Council NCR
July 26 -- Council members share their enthusiasm for Prince Rupert's future, following four day planning session  NCR
July 26 -- Stats Canada Crime Severity Index shows slight increase for Prince Rupert, significant jump for Terrace  NCR
July 26 -- City's Water/Airport Ferry Needs result in higher cost to May NCR
July 25 -- Rupert Cow Parsnip (video)
July 25 -- City on quest to hire Engineering Technologist  NCR
July 25 -- City anticipating better results for Cow Bay Marina as summer moves forward  NCR
July 25 -- Warnings of Giant Hogweed, lead to Civic advisory on how to handle Invasive plants on property  NCR 
July 25 -- Parking Concerns make for conversation topics at Monday's Council Session  NCR
July 25 -- Prince Rupert wants to give permanent residents the right to vote in municipal elections (video)
July 24 -- City reminding residents how to identify hogweed from Cow Parsnip
July 24 -- Prince Rupert Council hears of renewed calls for crosswalk for Park Avenue  NCR
July 24 -- Mayor Brain hopes to arrange for stakeholder meeting on range of Alaska Marine Highway issues   NCR
July 24 -- Biggar Place zoning request to move to Public Hearing August 18th  NCR
July 24 -- Mayor Brain introduces Rosa Miller as the new Corporate Administrator for the City of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 24 -- Council hears of Library's changing purpose and expanding service to community as part of presentation  NCR
July 24 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, July 22. 2019 NCR
July 23 -- Mayor Brain scheduling multi-stakeholder meeting to save Alaska ferry in Prince Rupert
July 23 -- Biggar Place Rezone (video)
July 23 -- Rupert Lost Votes initiative (video)
July 23 -- Prince Rupert Council supports Permanent Residents' fight to vote
July 23 -- No Giant Hogweed in Prince Rupert
July 22 -- City Council to review latest notes on rezoning request for Biggar Place properties  NCR
July 22 -- City Council to review resolution on voting rights for permanent residents NCR
July 22 -- City Council Preview: Monday, July 22, 2019  NCR
July 19 -- UBCM's China hosted hospitality reception making for controversial theme for September event  NCR
July 19 -- The crosswalk waiting game  NCR
July 19 -- FYI: Sixth Street lane closed for the day
July 18 -- Pick up after yourselves people
July 18 -- Redesign Rupert holds four-day workshop to reimagine the city
July 18 -- Expect delays for your morning coffee and donut at Sixth Street and Second Avenue West  NCR
July 18 -- Partnerships will blaze the trail towards a new look as part of the 2030 Prince Rupert Plan  NCR
July 17 -- Prince Rupert, more stop signs won't kill you
July 17 -- City of Prince Rupert seeking public input on Community Enhancement grants
July 17 -- Smooth sailing expected on 14 major roads in Prince Rupert by end of summer
July 17 -- Ridley Terminals Sale raises a few questions for MP Nathan Cullen  NCR
July 17 -- City seeks feedback on Community Grant Process through Rupert Talks Survey NCR
July 17 -- Mounties go with National Police Federation as choice for union representation  NCR
July 16 -- Province expands on vehicle charging station plans for 2019  NCR
July 15 -- Rupert Ride Hail (video)
July 15 -- Skeena Taxi Ready to Take on Ride-Hail Competition
July 15 -- A new week, a new paving project; as George Hills Way paving project gets underway  NCR
July 14 -- Prince Rupert's Skeena Taxi manager unconcerned by BC.'s ride hailing regulations
July 12 -- Kaien Trails ready to explore next leg of trail network next weekend  NCR
July 12 -- Mary J is moving to Prince Rupert  - Clarity Cannabis coming soon
July 12 -- North Coast Regional District shares in Thursday's Wildfire Protection funding announcement from the Province  NCR
July 12 -- Paving plans close westbound travel along Sixth Avenue East Bridge  NCR
July 11 -- Make Diana Lake accessible for everybody (Letter to editor)
July 11 -- Weed be good together: Clarity Cannabis now hiring for store in Prince Rupert
July 11 -- Rupert Volunteerism (video)
July 11 -- Cow Bay Days cancelled for lack of volunteers
July 11 -- CityWest now accepting photos for 2020 phone book cover  NCR
July 10 -- Road Work Ramps up around the city  NCR
July 10 -- B.C. prepares for era of Uber and times for Lyfts ... but will Prince Rupert be along for the ride?  NCR
July 9 -- Summer of Renovations: Third Avenue West storefront location latest to see work underway  NCR
July 8 -- Mayor Brain takes in July 4th celebrations with Ketchikan officials  NCR
July 5 -- Voices of Commerce (video)
July 4 -- Chamber of Commerce set to host Voices of Commerce this evening at Coast Mountain College NCR
July 2 -- Tick, tick, tick ... the clock is running on property tax payment day for Prince Rupert NCR


June 28 -- Celebrate Canada's 152nd Birthday Monday at Prince Rupert's Pacific Mariner's Park  NCR
June 28 -- Recreation Centre Open House showcases all the city has to offer  NCR
June 28 -- Prince Rupert council to explore call for help on securing vote for permanent residents  NCR
June 27 -- Lost Votes initiative (video)
June 27 -- Five Corners area property plans to be part of Community Information meeting July 4th  NCR
June 27 -- Patty's Burger Wagon loses more than 50 per cent of revenue over construction on McBride Street, owner says
June 27 -- Permanent residents deserve permanent voting rights
June 26 -- City Council to throw support behind local CBC Prince Rupert advocates  NCR
June 26 -- New signs, New Kiosks for parking at Rushbrook Floats area and along George Hills Way  NCR
June 26 -- Ambitious plans for Prince Rupert Racquet Centre, as officials look to increase visibility and use of Ninth West Facility  NCR
June 26 -- Council sets report plans in motion on themes of small livestock  NCR
June 26 -- Council Timeline: Monday, June 24, 2019 NCR
June 25 -- Rupert Livestock Bylaw (video)
June 25 -- Dog Tales of the City: Prince Rupert issues reminder for residents related to run at large dogs  NCR
June 24 -- Council Briefs
June 24 -- Water restored to Sixth Avenue after three hour interruption
June 24 -- Emergency repairs required for water service along 6th Avenue East  NCR
June 24 -- Council to review new criteria for Permissive Property Tax Exemption Policy tonight NCR
June 24 -- Terrace is first past the toke line as retail Cannabis store opens  NCR
June 24 -- City to honour two residents as part of Canada Day 2019   NCR
June 24 -- Window for Public comment on Annual Report closes tonight at City Council  NCR
June 24 -- Council Preview: Monday, June 24, 2019  NCR
June 21 -- National Indigenous Day kicks off on Prince Rupert Waterfront  NCR
June 20 -- Prince Rupert wants to remove Second World War oil tanks from city park
June 20 -- City looks to move forward on Moresby Park tank removal plans  NCR
June 20 -- For Regional District, the road leads to Port Edward this weekend for monthly meetings  NCR
June 20 -- Incident involving 'several dogs" halts Canada Post service on Prince Rupert street
June 19 -- Rupert Handicap parking (video)
June 19 -- Regional District to review Statement of Financial Reports at Port Edward meetings  NCR
June 17 -- Prince Rupert Dog park damage fixed
June 17 -- City's job posting seeks payroll and benefits Coordinator  NCR
June 17 -- Kootenay/McKay Dog Park reopens, following repairs to fencing  NCR
June 14 -- Hundreds of businesses surveyed in 3rd annual Prince Rupert Business Walks Survey 
June 14 -- The Short and Long of the reports delivered to Council this week ... with SOFI reviews and a look at the Annual Report for 2018 NCR
June 13 -- Prince Rupert water main break has nothing to do with asbestos, despite caution tape used
June  13 -- Enough of reports, make a decision
June 13 -- Jurassic Park  Prince Rupert -- The Sequel -- Roar with the Raptors tonight at 6 at the Arena NCR
June 13 --  Residential or Commercial? Biggar Place rezoning quest brings questions on city's priorities NCR
June 12 -- Asbestos caution tape around water main break is a false alarm
June 12 -- Livestock review ahead for City Council amid short lived stay of the Moby Dick goats  NCR
June 12 -- Council hears concerns that with lack of progress on landfill expansion, City of Prince Rupert risks driving revenues to Terrace NCR
June 12 -- City reviews progress for two Cannabis retail applications; restating support for High Culture and issuing business licence for BC Cannabis NCR
June 12 -- Council and staff to work with local CBC Radio Advocates to produce letter of support for local service NCR
June 12 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, June 10, 2019 NCR
June 11 -- Goats forced to leave Prince Rupert
June 11 -- Council Briefs, June 10
June 11 -- City Council appoints Three to Prince Rupert Airport Board  NCR
June 11 -- Lester Centre mechanical renovations work goes out for tender  NCR
June 10 -- Prince Rupert hosts Raptors viewing party
June 10 -- Mayor and Council salaries increase, while six-figure club grows by one
June 10 -- Let's Go Raptors! City Recreation Department to host Raptors Viewing party tonight
June 10 -- Prince Rupert's payments for Goods and Services were shared among 102 suppliers in 2018  NCR
June 10 -- Prince Rupert Council to get update on city's cannabis process tonight  NCR
June 10 -- Let's Go Raptors! City Recreation Department to host Raptors Viewing party tonight NCR
June 10 -- CBC advocates set to make presentation to Prince Rupert Council tonight  NCR
June 10 -- City of Prince Rupert pay and benefits crossed over the 15 million dollar mark in 2018  NCR
June 10 -- SOFI Report outlines Mayor and Council compensation for work of 2018  NCR
June 9 -- Road construction season moves into high gear on Monday, with work set again for McBride Street  NCR
June 7 -- Former Mayor Jack, has Jennifer's back! Especially when it comes to provincial funding for City Council  NCR
June 7 -- Prince Rupert Goats sticking around for Seafest
June 6 -- Down Days ahead for the Prince Rupert Dog Park  NCR
June 6 -- Baaad bylaw
June 6 -- McKay Street dog park closes for repairs after a car crashes into the fence
June 6 -- City's Downtown revitalization study highlights what residents are looking for, offers suggestions for change  NCR
June 5 -- Prince Rupert joins in on Recreation and Parks month
June 5 -- Survey says ... Prince Rupert releases downtown revitalization responses
June 5 -- Recreation to be the focus for Prince Rupert through the month of June  NCR
June 4 -- City allows goats to stay until end of Seafest weekend in Prince Rupert
June 3 -- JR LaRose (video)
June 3 -- Provincial Port Tax Process said to be set for review by Ministry of Finance  NCR
June 3 -- City of Prince Rupert begins bid process for Ridley Island landfill project   NCR


May 31 -- Rupert Goats (video)
May 31 -- 23 year old bylaw means Prince Rupert Goats must go
May 31 -- City and partners take a walk as part of annual survey of local business  NCR
May 31 -- Add water supply delivery to the growing list of irritants between Port Edward, Prince Rupert  NCR
May 31 -- Should I stay or should I goat? Hotel owner ordered to remove weed chomping goats (audio)
May 30 -- Port Edward may cut off water to Watson Island if Prince Rupert does not come to the table
May 30 -- Spring Cleaning at City Hall NCR
May 30 -- Prince Rupert honours Service workers during Victims and Survivors of Crime Week
May 30 -- Civic Recognition Nominations to be received until June 7 NCR
May 30 -- High ground hike prepares Prince Rupert students for tsunami (audio)
May 29 -- Prince Rupert Tsunami Study (video)
May 29 -- What challenges do RCMP members in Prince Rupert face on long weekends? Councillor Adey would like to hear NCR
May 29 -- Councillor Cunningham seeks staff review of city preparations for potential forest fires NCR
May 29 -- Study findings deliver 'pretty good results" for Prince Rupert when it comes to Tsunami Risk NCR
May 28 -- Moby Dick Inn owner wants to keep goats to tame weeds
May 28 -- City releases the Prince Rupert Tsunami Study results
May 28 -- Rupert redesign (video)
May 28 -- City work crews take care of latest waterline troubles  NCR
May 28 -- Take a Hike! And learn more about Tsunami preparation today  NCR
May 27 -- Port Edward makes plans for recreation program for this summer  NCR
May 27 -- Council members to hear recommendation for Child Care Assessment study at tonight's Council session NCR
May 24 -- Just like that! The shiny bauble of yesterday can become the discarded toy for tomorrow ... ask the Recreation Department NCR
May 24 -- City of Prince Rupert call for de-incorporation of Port Edward not gaining much traction with the province  NCR
May 23 -- Redesigning Prince Rupert: former Vancouver city planner to help craft a master plan 
May 23 -- May Long calls for service kept Terrace RCMP busy over last weekend  NCR
May 23 -- Greetings from City Hall to your door this week; as Prince Rupert property tax bills arrive  NCR
May 23 -- Prince Rupert playground torn down after poor inspection results
May 23 -- Redesign Rupert, the superheroes
May 22 -- Rupert, Port Ed dispute (video)
May 22 -- Worse for wear: Prince Rupert's outdoor gym is removed
May 22 -- Pembina plans $20M dock repairs on Watson Island
May 22 -- Public consultation period now underway for proposed cannabis outlet at BC Liquor Store location  NCR
May 22 -- Mills Hospital approval brings Terrace one step closer to new Trauma Three level facility  NCR
May 22 -- Prince Rupert Councillor worried Terrace hospital will mean fewer resources for other communities  (audio)
May 21 -- City lowers flag, pays tribute at passing of former Councillor Paddy Greene  NCR
May 20 -- Security concerns the latest item of note for the fate of Alaska Ferry Terminal in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 20 -- Seafest Seniors Tea Planning underway  NCR
May 17 -- Dangerous Goods and Rail (video)
May 17 -- City looks to lease Seal Cove area land to Gitmanmak'ay Nisga'a Society  NCR
May 17 -- Prince Rupert's Airport Ferry set to make transit back to North Coast  NCR
May 17 -- Council hears call for consistent parking enforcement from Councillor Cunningham  NCR
May 17 -- Consultation ahead for changes to policy for City's Community Enhancement grant funding program  NCR
May16 -- Port of Prince Rupert's plans are staggering
May 16 -- Neptune to Ridge (video)
May 16 -- Work crews continue with Ministry of Transportation's 2nd Avenue West Safety improvements  NCR
May 16 -- Mayor Brain to update community on status of Alaska Ferry plans in weeks to come  NCR
May 16 -- Regional District's climate correspondence gains reply from Australian giant BHP  NCR
May 16 -- Tanker Ban bill takes on water as Senate Committee recommends against proceeding  NCR
May 16 -- CFO's snapshot outlines findings from Audited Statements for 2018  NCR
May 15 -- Enhanced lighting installations underway at Second Avenue crosswalk
May 15 -- Butze Rapids Trail closed for Gravel maintenance
May 15 -- Cunningham calls for a watchful eye on Terrace hospital developments NCR
May 15 -- Youth the priority for new Recreation policy on facility and field use NCR
May 15 -- Council appoints members to Community Society Boards NCR
May 15 -- For Chamberlin Avenue site, everything old will be new again ... NCR
May 15 -- Council Timeline for Monday, May 13, 2019  NCR
May 14 -- City Council Briefs
May 13 -- Final opportunity for Public comment on Neptune Inn site comes with tonight's Public Hearing  NCR
May 13 -- Prince Rupert Council to hear report on Recreation space allocation  NCR
May 13 -- As Spring moves towards Summer, hiring opportunities heat up with City of Prince Rupert  NCR
May 13 -- City of Prince Rupert/Northern Health seek volunteers for home water quality testing  NCR
May 10 -- City Council Preview: Monday, May 13, 2019  NCR
May 10 -- UBCM looks to develop resources for local government on theme of remuneration  NCR
May 10 -- City seeks volunteer members for Airport Authority Board  NCR
May 9 -- City set to make changes to disinfection system at Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR
May 9 -- Plans in place for High Ground Hike in Prince Rupert May 28th  NCR
May 9 -- Workforce Attraction and Retention project now out for tender  NCR
May 9 -- Prince Rupert Mayor throws his support behind Taylor Bachrach in NDP nomination quest  NCR
May 8 -- Unconfirmed Wolf sighting sparks City Notice for Moresby Park  NCR
May 6 -- Prince Rupert applying for housing assessment grant
May 6 -- Mayor Brain, Councillor Cunningham and City Manager Long to represent Prince Rupert this week at NCLGA gathering  NCR
May 3 -- Complete Streets for Prince Rupert seek City's endorsement as a Healthy Living Community on the Move  NCR
May 3 --  City to seek out housing study grant opportunity from NDIT  NCR
May 3 -- City in the market for new housing assessment 
May 2 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks bids for summer paving projects  NCR
May 2 -- Excavator for Landfill site up next on City's acquisition list  NCR
May 2 -- Airport Ferry Service shifts to new Schedules in May, June as change to Q400 service nears  NCR
May 2 -- Cunningham's calls for more public Council presentations go unheeded so far   NCR
May 2 -- Neptune Inn zoning to go to Public Hearing May 13th NCR
May 1 -- A trip back in time for Airport Ferry users through April and now into May  NCR
May 1 -- No new pavement yet, but lots of new lines as street painting gets underway in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 1 -- Hiring process now underway for Second Bylaw enforcement officer  NCR
May 1 -- Issues of transparency, frequency of closed Council sessions mark Committee of the Whole public comment opportunity  NCR
May 1 -- Ridley land zoning flies through Public hearing process with no opposition  NCR
May 1 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, April 29, 2019 NCR


April 30 -- Rupert Innovation (video)
April 30 -- Showcase tonight for North Coast Innovation Lab
April 25 -- Workforce attrition (video)
April 24 -- Northwest local governments team up to fill in future employment gaps
April 23 -- Monthly bus passes on Port Edward route go up 
April 23 -- Northwestern governments team up for workface attraction and retention strategy
April 23 -- Changes to Prince Rupert to Port Edward bus fares 
April 19 -- Senators make way back to Ottawa with much to review, following two days in the Northwest  NCR
April 19 -- Short Thursday Session of Council approves Budget, Salary increases for Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
April 18 -- Northwest BC leaders divided over oil tanker ban
April 18 -- As Budget moves forward towards adoption, Mayor Brain brings his Facebook followers on a tour of success  NCR
April 18 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority to ask for letter of support from City on Supply Chain initiative  NCR
April 18 -- City Council Preview: Thursday, April 18, 2019  NCR
April 17 -- Prince Rupert Council approve 2019 mayor and councillor salaries
April 17 -- Prince Rupert's 2019 budget passed, $15K raise for Mayor
April 17 -- The Bully Boys of Third Avenue West?  NCR
April 17 -- Council now one vote away from finalizing salary increases and full time Mayor status  NCR
April 17 -- Despite second go round on sharing Budget tax decrease, Council holds firm on 2% decision  NCR
April 17 -- City Council Special Session Timeline: Monday, April 15, 2019  NCR
April 16 -- Rupert- Port Edward dispute (video)
April 16 -- Province stepping in on Port Edward, Prince Rupert Dispute
April 16 -- City's Ball Fields to remain closed until May 1st  NCR
April 16 -- Prince Rupert Mayor seeks help in dispute with Port Edward
April 15 -- City of Prince Rupert on the hunt for new Deputy Fire Chief  NCR
April 13 -- Oceanview Development land up for $24M in Prince Rupert 
April 12 -- Burgers, Fries and a side dish of confusion ...   NCR
April 12 -- More transparency the goal as YPR prepares to show cost of Airport Ferry as part of air fare bills  NCR
April 11 -- A business venture that's gone beyond burgers
April 11 -- Plans to bring A&W to Prince Rupert go cold
April 11 -- Councillor Niesh issues call for expanded communications program for City's derelict car plans  NCR
April 11 -- Highliner Plaza Hotel to host Senate hearings on Oil tanker moratorium in Prince Rupert/Terrace  NCR
April 11 -- Operations Department's fleet replacement program seeks a new Bobcat  NCR
April 11 -- Councillor calls for Bylaw enforcement to put the "Boot" to parking scofflaws at Rushbrook Floats NCR
April 10 -- Information session regarding Chamberlin Avenue rezoning to be held in Prince Rupert
April 10 -- You filled up your gas tank; and now the city plans to fill some potholes and pave some roads  NCR
April 10 -- More money required for Airport Ferry Refit, as total closes in on One Million Dollar Mark  NCR
April 10 -- Council almost to the finish line towards approval on salary increases  NCR
April 10 -- Council maintains 2 percent tax cut as part of Budget approval Monday evening  NCR
April 10 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, April 8, 2019 NCR
April 9 -- Prince Rupert council approves budget, including two percent tax cut
April 8 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks out Members for three societies positions  NCR
April 8 -- City Council set to move forward on Budget Plans with tonight's council session  NCR
April 8 -- City Council Preview: Monday, April 8, 2019  NCR
April 5 -- City seeks your opinion on the downtown core  NCR
April 5 -- City offers student employment opportunity with posting for an engineering technologist  NCR
April 5 -- What Prince Rupert Council may learn from their counterparts in Prince George when it comes to spending plans and how to promote them  NCR
April 5 -- BC Cannabis store wants to alter BC Liquor Store in Prince Rupert
April 5 -- Government run BC Cannabis latest to apply for licence for plans to operate in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 4 -- City looks to move forward with Sewer and Road Work at Green and 7th Avenue East NCR
April 4 -- Mayor's Caucus wraps up three days of municipal discussions  NCR
April 4 -- City issues call for consultants for Child Day Care Study  NCR
April 4 -- A spring clean up for Prince Rupert
April 4 -- Dispute over Ridley Island taxes (letter to the editor)
April 3 -- Community meeting set for Information session on plans for old Neptune Inn Site  NCR
April 3 -- Park Avenue land back on the Prince Rupert Real Estate market  NCR
April 2 --BC Mayors Caucus meetings take Mayor Brain to Prince George  NCR
April 1 -- Transition Prince Rupert releases roster of events to celebrate Sustainability Month


March 31 -- Controlled burn in the industrial area causes smog over Prince Rupert
March 28 -- Sustainability the cause for Transition Prince Rupert with a range of initiatives set for April  NCR
March 28 -- Council members receive Community Para-Medicine tutorial NCR
March 28 -- $8M for Prince Rupert, $2M for Port Edward as province outlines amounts to be delivered to Northwest communities from funding program of February  NCR
March 28 -- EV owner wants faster charging stations in the city
March 28 -- Apologizing for the Mayor's behaviour  (letter to the editor)
March 28 -- Without Prejudice - Psst... Wanna buy some magic beans? (letter to editor)
March 27 -- Rupert Sustainability (video)
March 27 -- Council hears range of Rail Safety Concerns from local organizations  NCR
March 27 -- With consultation period near an end, Budget decisions await City Council  NCR
March 27 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, March 25, 2019  NCR
March 26 -- Prince Rupert Council signs off on second cannabis shop
March 26 -- City Council Briefs
March 25 -- One month refit for Airport Ferry to start March 28th   NCR
March 25 -- City Council Briefs
March 25 -- City Council to get look at Metlakatla Development plans for South side of Kaien Island  NCR
March 25 -- Last Call to speak on the Budget plan at City Hall  NCR
March 25 -- City Council Preview: Monday, March 25, 2019 NCR
March 24 -- Identifying child care space needs in Prince Rupert
March 22 -- 25K for Prince Rupert as Child Care assessments to be focus for provincial funding announced for Northwest  NCR
March 22 -- Northwest communities to share in Emergency Preparation Planning  NCR
March 22 -- City of Prince Rupert commences search for Corporate Administrator position  NCR
March 22 -- And then they rode ... Mayor Brain and Council take tour of Watson/Ridley Industrial sites  NCR
March 21 -- Down the Drain
March 20 -- City's Spring Street Sweeping Program to start next week  NCR
March 20 -- Recreation Centre Boiler replacement project reaches Request for Bids stage  NCR
March 19 -- Redesign Rupert to Spearhead Labour Market Study of Prince Rupert area  NCR
March 19 -- 911 Dispatch position makes for latest City Job opportunity  NCR
March 18 -- Prince Rupert water safe to drink as city removes water quality advisory
March 18 -- "False Positive" ... led to six weeks of Boiling during winter water situation  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Water Advisory lifted (video)
March 15 -- City of Prince Rupert lifts water quality advisory
March 15 -- Prince Rupert water given the all-clear
March 15 -- Mutual Aid agreement negotiations between Port Edward and Prince Rupert stalled
March 15 -- As Water Quality Advisory ENDS for Prince Rupert; Incident Reprot findings are released by the City NCR
March 15 -- Culture and History the themes of two Volunteer Directors positions for City of Prince Rupert  NCR
March 15 -- CityWest set for storefront return to Kitimat  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Fire crews won't help Port Edward after negotiations fail
March 15 -- Temperatures on the rise over Ridley Island Tax Dispute  NCR
March 14 -- Port Edward councillors raise Vopak emergency preparedness concerns
March 14 -- City seeks bids on replacement of surveillance equipment for Recreation Centre  NCR
March 14 -- Topping off a few weeks of good news on the housing front in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 13 -- NDP to start candidate search
March 13 -- Electric Vehicle Charging program could be powered up by 2020 NCR
March 13 -- For the most part ... it was a dis-engaged community for council's first Budget engagement process NCR
March 12 -- Prince Rupert to join electric vehicle charging network
March 12 -- Council Briefs
March 12 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, March 11, 2019  NCR
March 11 -- Prince Rupert now accepting applications for business facade improvement program
March 11 -- Crow's Nest Housing opened in Prince Rupert (video)
March 11 -- Modular Units Now Open in Prince Rupert
March 11 -- Application period now open for City's Business Facade program  NCR
March 11 -- City Councillors set to hear from the public on Consultation Night in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 11 -- Mayor Brain to provide update on plans for electric vehicle charging stations along Highway 16 at Council tonight  NCR
March 11 -- City Council Preview: Monday, March 11, 2019  NCR
March 9 -- Crow's Nest Lodge supportive housing officially opens with conference and tour 
March 8 -- Metlakatla Elders/Seniors project continues to take shape
March 8 -- Prince Rupert supportive housing project opens
March 8 -- Crow's Nest Lodge opens in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 8 -- Some unfinished updates for Prince Rupert City Council to take care of ...  NCR
March 7 -- Prince Rupert residents will have two opportunities to provide Council with budget feedback  NCR
March 7 -- Highway 16 Transportation passenger program and MLA rice receive accolades in Legislature statement  NCR
March 7 -- Benefits alliance to pursue annual revenue stream
March 6 -- City's RCMP detachment jail latest job opportunity from City of Prince Rupert  NCR
March 5 -- City of Prince Rupert to assist in derelict vehicle removal
March 5 -- City of Prince Rupert on the hunt for an Assistant Operations Minister  NCR
March 5 -- Northwest BC Resource Benefits Alliance to create Manager's Position for government engagement program  NCR
March 5 -- City of Prince Rupert to take action on Derelict vehicles  NCR
March 5 -- Budget engagement includes online presentatoin of Five Year Financial Plan NCR
March 4 -- Prince Rupert to offer derelict vehicle pickup program
March 4 -- Northwest BC Resources Benefits Alliance seeking manager as they prepare for provincial pitch
March 4 -- City creates derelict car removal program
March 4 -- Call for comments on Clarity Cannabis licence consultation ends March 14th  NCR
March 1 -- Council hears of the Global guestbook of the Museum of Northern BC, along with a review of recent events and funding challenges
March 1 -- Dollars for Democracy: The hyperbole of council salary recommendations


February 28 -- No Building for Old Men (or Women) Neptune Inn building to revert to status as hotel accommodation NCR
February 28 --Bomben's Budget Blue Print, Council comments point to increased confidence in city's financial results NCR
February 28 --Anchors Aweigh: Council hears concerns over anchorage positions in Prince Rupert harbour NCR
February 28 -- How to pay yourself
February 16 -- Anchor safety (video)
February 26 -- Prince Rupert budget (video)
February 26 -- Prince Rupert seeks NDIT grant for heritage project
February 26 -- Council's first look at Budget 2019 offers up 2 percent tax cut; increases to RCMP and bylaw staffing  NCR
February 25 -- Prince Rupert budget features tax cut
February 25 -- City proposes 2 per cent tax cut
February 25 -- Council asked to authorize over $1 million loan for RCMP detachment
February 25 -- 2019 City of Prince Rupert budge process to get underway tonight  NCR
February 25 -- Loan authorization request to be considered at Council session tonight NCR
February 25 -- City to explore plan to move forward on renovation of CNR Heritage building on waterfront  NCR
February 25 -- Council to consider request to return Neptune Inn site to zoning for hotel and restaurant use  NCR 
February 25 -- Council to hear from Select Committee on remuneration tonight NCR
February 25 -- City Council Preview: Monday, February 25, 2019  NCR
February 22 -- Out with the old, in with the new: Highway 16 program through Prince Rupert back on track  NCR
February 21 -- Crews begin Highway 16 upgrades
February 21 -- City reminds residents of Water Quality Advisory; but offers no update on status of the supply NCR
February 20 -- BC Liberals and NDP on how the provincial budget will affect northern communities (audio)
February 20 -- Eight days to go for North Coast Regional District's Alternate Approval Process on recycling facility  NCR
February 20 -- Prince Rupert advises drivers about slick streets
February 20 -- Trans Canada dips a toe back into Prince Rupert's LNG waters  NCR
February 20 -- Your Mail Call this week brings a tax call from the City of Prince Rupert  NCR
February 19 -- CityWest eyes fifty percent coverage of Prince Rupert by year end for Fibre to Home expansion project  NCR
February 19 -- Mayor, MLA make use of the weekend to hail Provincial government's funding announcement  NCR
February 19 -- Give preferential treatment ot local businesses: Cunningham says
February 18 -- NDP Government provides funding for NW communities  (video)
February 18 -- CityWest announces fibre-to-the-home expansion plans
February 18 -- Horgan announces $100 Million grant for northern communities
February 16 -- City of Terrace reacts to $8 million provincial infrastructure grant
February 16 -- Province unveils $100 million grant for Northern B.C. communities
February 16 -- Province announces $100 million grant funding for Northwest communities
February 16 -- Province of British Columbia announces capital grant program for Northwest communities  NCR
February 14 -- Councillor seeks out a home town advantage when it comes to some of the city's Request for Bids NCR
February 13 -- City Council Defers discussion on proposed Fire Service Level change; take report review to workshop and out of public spotlight  NCR
February 13 -- Park Avenue Cannabis store proposal gains momentum from city's referral process  NCR
February 13 -- 672, it's new and coming to a calling area very near you for Mays 1st  NCR
February 13 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, February 11, 2019  NCR
February 12 -- A new area code for CityWest customers
February 12 -- Prince Rupert launches online engagement portal
February 12 -- Exterior-only fire service recommendation tabled
February 12 -- City of Prince Rupert launches new community engagement portal  NCR
February 11 -- Council to give final consideration to cannabis store
February 11 -- Second Cannabis retail proposal for Prince Rupert eyes Third Avenue location  NCR
February 11 -- Prince Rupert's water woes made for pre ANBT conversation starter  NCR
February 11 -- Prince Rupert Council to explore options with  BC Transit fare increase planned for Port Edward service  NCR
February 11 -- Council to consider Change in Service Protection Level from Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue at tonight's meeting
February 11 -- Park Avenue Cannabis plans up for review at Council tonight
February 8 -- CityWest looks to fill positions in Prince Rupert, Kitimat  NCR
February 8 -- Population count for Prince Rupert edges upwards in latest BC Stats review  NCR
February 6 -- City of Prince Rupert asks residents to be wary of thin ice
February 6 -- Quest for funding continues, as NCRD hears update for electric charging system plan for Highway 16   NCR
February 5 -- City issues advisory on outdoor skating/use of area lakes and ponds  NCR
February 5 -- 2019 to see some potential progress towards city's interest in curb side recycling initiative NCR
February 5 -- City of Prince Rupert launches search for Victim Services Program worker  NCR
February 5 -- North Coast Regional District signs on to fossil fuel industry accountability campaign  NCR
February 5 -- Resolutions of support, BC Ferries service and marijuana tax revenue sharing among the notes from Regional District Session  NCR
February 4 -- Rupert Pot Cultivation (video)
February 4 -- City of Prince Rupert prepares to kick a few tires  NCR
February 4 -- Prince Rupert man banned from council chambers for issuing threats
February 3 -- Prince Rupert resident temporarily banned from city hall for threats


January 31-- City Council approves funding for SPCA, along with leases for Curling Club, Racquet Centre NCR
January 31 -- Council approves quest for grant funding for range of projects and proposals NCR
January 31 -- Stop wasting money, just get us something to drink
January 31 -- Food service establishments in Prince Rupert should still be boiling tap water
January 30 -- City Council's cannabis process called into question by hopeful production proponent  NCR
January 30 -- As Mayor reverts back to previous salary status; City's Council pay issues to be reviewed as part of budget process NCR
January 30 -- Council members express faith in upcoming staff review of recent Boil Water process  NCR
January 30 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, January 28, 2019  NCR
January 29 -- Rupert Water Plan (video)
January 29 -- Organization requests external review of Prince Rupert's boil water notice
January 28 -- Clean water group to present to Prince Rupert council
January 28 -- Council to consider support for Kaien Trails plans for McClymont Park  NCR
January 28 -- Clean Water Advocate set to make presentation to City Council tonight NCR
January 28 -- Eye catching passage in City Council's Closed meeting notice offers little in way of clarity on secretive topic  NCR
January 28 -- City Council Preview: Monday, January 28, 2019 NCR
January 25 -- Rupert Water Better (video)
January 25 -- Prince Rupert to conduct review as city downgrades boil-water advisory
January 25 -- Prince Rupert boil water notice downgraded to water quality advisory
January 25 -- City of Prince Rupert cleared to end boil water notice
January 25 -- Prince Rupert Water Notice Downgraded to Water Quality Advisory NCR
January 25 -- No News, is Bad News when it comes to City's Boil Water Notice  NCR
January 25 -- UBCM report highlights grand funding delivered across Northwest BC  NCR
January 24 -- Keyborad warriors, Facebook trolls and one intelligent question (letter to the editor)
January 24 -- Pot calling the kettle black
January 22 -- Rupert Water flushing (video)
January 22 -- Prince Rupert flushing water system
January 22 -- Watermains flushed to help downgrade Prince Rupert's boil water notice
January 22 -- No change to BOILE WATER ORDER notice, but City takes steps for day when notice is lifted   NCR
January 21 -- Despite Mayor Brain's hopeful notes of Thursday, Boil Water Notice enters Day 39 NCR
January 21 -- City outlines plans to demolish unclaimed vehicles  NCR
January 19 -- City of Prince Rupert still waiting on street light upgrades
January 18 -- City of Prince Rupert to explore funding for Kwinitsa airport ferry
January 18 -- Time for Council to put the focus on the major priorities for the city  NCR
January 18 -- Council should not dismiss the public based on perceptions; but rather hear out their frustrations  NCR
January 17 -- City Council should open civic engagement, not shut it down (letter to the editor)
January 17 -- Mayor Brain offers new update on water situation, observes on some of the current commentary in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 17 -- MLA Rice offers response to City Council's call for letters  NCR
January 17 -- Council to seek funding for another year of Business facade grants  NCR
January 16 -- Advocate for Clean Water in Prince Rupert disappointed by elements of Monday's council session  NCR
January 16 -- Council members suggest review of how City approached Boil Water roll out to learn for future situations NCR
January 16 -- Prince Rupert resident unsatisfied with city's response to boil water advisory
January 16 -- Transition House Society set to fill employment positions for Crow's Nest Lodge  NCR
January 16 -- Council has two conversation topics for the Ministry of Highways  NCR
January 16 -- Council approves request to seek out grant funding for Rupert's Landing proposal  NCR
January 16 -- City Council Timeline: January 14, 2019  NCR
January 15 -- Social media tensions boil over in Prince Rupert over boil water advisory row
January 15 -- Monday's City Council Water Review -- Much of the same territory of the last month covered; along with a few new notes to share  NCR
January 14 -- From the kitchen table to Council Chamber; Prince Rupert's water concerns shift focus to Council session tonight  NCR
January 14 -- City Council Preview: Monday, January 14, 2019 NCR
January 11 -- Prince Rupert gives public notice of Cannabis Retail application
January 11 -- Rupert Water improving (video)
January 11 -- Prince Rupert entering 5th straight week without clean water 
January 11 -- Prince Rupert's Boil Water Notice: 29 Days at 100 degrees celsius ... and counting  NCR
January 11 -- How neighbouring North Coast Villages avoided the boil water notice
January 10 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks feedback on High Culture Cannabis retail application  NCR
January 10 -- Without prejudice, on the boil water notice  (letter to the editor)
January 10 -- An Island in need of water
January 9 -- Prince Rupert pot application (video)
January 9 -- Port Edward sisters helping out (video)
January 9 -- Prince Rupert's First Cannabis location seeks government licensing approval  NCR
January 9 -- Prince Rupert residents gather around the kitchen table to solve city's water issues  (audio)
January 8 -- Fourth week of boil water notice in Prince Rupert  (audio)
January 8 -- Shuffle of leadership positions may be ahead for Resource Benefits Alliance  NCR
January 7 -- Prince Rupert Giardia cases (video)
January 7 -- City's water issues sprouts local advocacy group seeking solutions   NCR
January 7 -- On Prince Rupert water issues, the North Coast MLA is more or less MIA  NCR
January 6 -- Mayor's return to Facebook on the Water issue brings some new information; along with a call for civility from the public NCR
January 4 -- Prince Rupert Recycle Update (video)
January 4 -- Lack of information puts social media to boil on Prince Rupert water issues  NCR
January 4 -- Port Edward forced to shut off water to RV Sanidump
January 3 -- Rupert Water Update (video)
January 3 -- No end in sight for Prince Rupert boil water advisory after 3 weeks
January 3 -- Port Edward turns off frozen pipes at RV Sanidump station
January 3 -- Kitimat sees largest of increases as BC Assessment Notices for 2019 head for the mail box  NCR
January 2 -- Property assessments take big jump in Kitimat - and amore modest rise elsewhere in Northwest 
January 2 -- Northwest Property Assessments (video)
January 2 -- Kitimat tops northwestern BC single family home value increase list
January 2 -- Tax change triggers tricky debate on politician's pay
January 2 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water advisory continues indefinitely

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