Thursday, July 25, 2019

Parking concerns make for conversation topics at Monday's Council Session

Keeping Cow Bay area parking spaces free for customers was
one of a number of parking related issues brought up Monday at
Prince Rupert City Council

Parking was one of the themes for Monday's fairly brief Council session, with the topic, whether in the residential areas or in the Cow Bay area making for discussion a couple of times on the evening.

The first concern was raised during the Committee of the Whole session at the start of Monday's council session, when resident Larry Golden spoke to the need for some bylaw enforcement for the number of boat trailer and travel trailers that are found around the city's streets.

Noting that he has spoken to a number of residents who have similar concerns and how the issue should be one of note for the bylaw officer.

City resident Larry Golden offered up some thoughts for council
on the issue of permanently parked trailers and such in residential areas

"They've been there weeks, months what do I do? When I asked this question before, it was go to the city and fill out a complaint form, I did that about an RV that has been parked there for weeks and months and nothing happened, it's still there"

Further into the evening, Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven made note of concerns he has heard from the business community in the Cow Bay District, who have raised their frustrations at the number of large commercial vehicles, or trucks with commercial fishing vessels that are taking up a large number of parking spots in the area.

"Just a note kind of on parking and kind of the Cow Bay area, that I've been approached by a few business owners kind of regarding commercial vehicles, as well as commercial fishing vessels in some cases being left for days at a time which affects kind of the business operations of those businesses in the area. So just to kind of make note of that and possibly have bylaw look into it and just see what kind of options are available"

The mention of the bylaw officer, seemed to jog Councillor Barry Cunningham's memory, reminding him that as of yet the City had yet to announce the hiring of its second bylaw officer.

"Speaking of bylaw enforcement, when is our second bylaw officer coming online"

The City's Financial Officer, Corinne Bomben observed that interviews have been conducted and that she was pretty certain that the position would be filled soon.

The parking debates come along in the Council video review at the seventeen minute mark and 36 minutes

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