Monday, July 22, 2019

City Council to review latest notes on Rezoning request for Biggar Place properties

A request to rezone some property on Biggar Place near Five Corners
is back in front of City Council tonight

The process of potential rezoning of some property lots along Biggar Place near Five corners will continue this evening, as City Council receives a report from City Planner Zeno Krekic that will explore the progress when it comes to shifting land previously zoned for residential use, to that of commercial purpose.

In his review for Council posted to the City's Agenda for tonight, Mr. Krekic provided a thumbnail sketch of the zoning change request so far:

The applicant owns a prominent and mostly vacant property at the Five Corners intersection. The majority of the property is designated as Business Commercial and Zoned C3 Service Commercial. 

A smaller portion is designated Residential and Zoned R2 Two Family Residential. The application is to amend the Quality of Life Official Community Plan and the City of Prince Rupert Zoning Bylaw to permit commercial uses on the entire property owned by the applicant.

As Mr. Krekic notes in his background piece, that Five Corners is at the western extremity of the Downtown Development Permit Area. In general the properties directly along the roadways creating Five Corners are designated Business Commercial and zoned C3 commercial. From the land use planning perspective the application aligns with future commercial land use plans and it provides a better configuration for comprehensive development.

The City's zoning map for the land in question at Biggar Place

Tonight the City Planner will also outline the results of a recent Community information meeting that was hosted on July 4th by the proponents for the zoning change, Marogna Enterprises which attracted three participants.

Mr. Krekic's report to Council is included as part of the Agenda package for tonight's meeting and from his notes he observes that the discussion at that session was lively related to a previously passed removal of road bylaw.  

Mr. Krekic also notes that the discussion was said to be mostly positive when it comes to the proposal for future development of the lots.

The topic will give City Councillors another opportunity, if they choose, to discuss the proposed rezoning and whether they wish to see land marked as residential be shifted towards a commercial use.

The recommendation on the night for Council to consider, will be that of sending the land issue to a Public Hearing on August 19th, prior to Council's only scheduled session for that month.

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