Sunday, July 21, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending, July 21, 2019

Looking towards the future of Prince Rupert and how the downtown area may be redeveloped saw its beginning in July,  as part of a four day workshop setting hosted by Redesign Rupert at the Crest Hotel earlier this month.

The early stages of engagement came about as the City of Prince Rupert, a number of the region's largest industries and other partners gathered to exchange ideas, explore challenges and prepare the groundwork for an expansive project to be known at the the Prince Rupert 2030 plan.

The interest was high in our review of Thursday of some of the elements of that four day session, boosting the article towards our most read item of the week status.

The rest of the week's top five items put some attention towards the recently negotiated sale of Ridley Terminals to a pair of US equity firms and the concerns that MP Nathan Cullen has raised about that sale.

Also catching some attention this week, the plans by the Province of BC to expand their Electric Vehicle charging station program into a number of Northern communities, while our look at a proposed Wind Farm development for Hecate Strait also found a strong audience this week.

A significant environmental court case came to an end this week as well, as the criminal proceedings against Kirby International wrapped up in Bella Bella, with a sentencing of the firm which was assessed a $2.9 million dollar fine. The result from the judicial system was a disappointment for the Heiltsuk who issued a call for proper restitution following the sentence.

Towards that call, the First Nation has embarked on a major media and Social Media campaign, in order to get their side of the Nathan E. Stewart sinking out to the American and Canadian public.

However, the top item of the last seven days has us looking ten or so years down the way, as the early stages of work on a development plan for the community got underway.

Partnerships will blaze the trail towards a new look as part of the 2030 Prince Rupert Plan  --    The City of Prince Rupert and a range of partners are exploring new planning ideas towards a very different looking downtown core  for the future.  (posted July 18, 2019)

That article was followed by:

Ridley Terminals Sale raises a few questions for MP Nathan Cullen  --  The recently announced sale of Ridley Terminals to two American based equity funds, has outgoing MP Nathan Cullen asking questions and expressing concerns on the timing of the sale just before the Federal election and while Parliament is not in session. (posted July 17, 2019)

Province expands on vehicle charging station plans for 2019 -- The Province of BC is moving to install new EV charging stations along the Highway 16 & 97 corridors, though so far Prince Rupert remains as one community that still awaits the first station for the North Coast.     (posted  July 16, 2019)

Hecate Strait Wind Farm plans await land management decision from Province  --  An ambitious Wind Farm project just off the East Coast of Haida Gwaii awaits its opportunity to launch the investigative phase of its process     (posted  July 15, 2019)

Heiltsuk seek 'proper restitution' in wake of $2.9 million fine for Kirby International in Nathan E Stewart court case -- The Heiltsuk Nation expressed their disappointment at the punishment provided to a Texas based Transportation company this week, as part of the wrap up to the criminal trial of the sinking of the Nathan E Stewart.  With the Heiltsuk taking their quest for further justice to an information campaign as they await their own civil case to work its way through the courts.      (posted  July 17, 2019)

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