Monday, July 15, 2019

A new week a new project; as George Hills Way Paving project gets underway

George Hills Way is the latest location for crews from Adventure Paving
to take to work on, with milling of the road underway today in anticipation
of paving later in the week
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The work on George Hills Way today seems to have caught the City of Prince Rupert a little bit by surprise, with an intriguing message of notice posted to the City's mobile app program, Facebook page and website this morning, observing how the project schedule had been advanced unexpectedly.

Adventure Paving began the placement of signs along the roadway over the weekend, with the milling of the road underway today.

The paving of the roadway is to get underway once the weather allows for it (some rain is in the forecast for the next few days).

The city anticipates at least a two day process for completion of the George Hills Way paving plans.

As we noted last week, the City's Capital Paving plan has seen much preparation work take place around the city, with crews stripping the aging pavement in many locations in anticipation of a new coat of black top as the summer moves forward.

Today's notice from the City also provides some advice to those who have parked on the road and what steps they can take as the work continues.

The newly installed Pay Parking Kiosk on George Hills Way

In June, we noted how the City of Prince Rupert had introduced a new pay parking system to the entire length of George Hills Way, with parking kiosks located across the road from the Canada Border Services compound, as well as at Rushbrook Floats.

For more items of note related to the city's infrastructure work see our archive page here.

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