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2019 Archive of items related to Major Projects, Planning issues and Infrastructure concerns for the City of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to Major Projects and Infrastructure concerns reviewed by City Council for the 2019 Council Year. Items from around the region will also be archived here.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items for 2019


December 18 -- CN Waterfront Building rehabilitation plans move to design phase  NCR


November 14 -- Beach Place Sewer and Storm infrastructure replacement next up on the City's to do list  NCR
November 12 -- City to commence with Moresby park Tank Removal Project  NCR


October 21 -- When it comes to digging holes, the City of Prince Rupert is on it ... filling them in, not so much!  NCR
October 15 -- City Work crews continue to play whack a mole with city streets  NCR
October 12 -- 11th Avenue reopens to east-west traffic; limited boil water Notice in effect for some residents  NCR
October 8 -- West side residents given all clear, as City removes Boil Water Notice in Section Two  NCR
October 7 -- Graham/Atlin and all of Section Two remain under a Boil Water Notice NCR
October 7 -- 11th Avenue East work continues with traffic disruptions remaining in place  NCR
October 7 -- Graham/Atlin and all of Section Two remain under a Boil Water Notice  NCR
October 7 -- 11th Ave East work continues with traffic disruptions remaining in place  NCR
October 3 -- Graham/Atlin areas and remainder of Section Two under Boil Water Notice  NCR
October 2 -- Water Service repairs require closure of Eastbound lane of 11th Avenue East  NCR


September 25 -- More infrastructure woes for City with water main break along Fifth Avenue  NCR
September 25 -- City opens Request for Proposals process for Sewer Inspection project  NCR
September 11 -- Majority of Work on Woodworth Dam to take place in 2020  NCR
September 5 -- Council members make quick work of Tuesday's Special Council session  NCR


August 30 -- Rupert lead in water (video)
August 29 -- Elevated levels of lead found in homes after City of Prince Rupert tests first flushing
August 29 -- Get the lead out ... Prince Rupert issues water flushing reminder
August 29 -- Amid results of some elevated lead issues; City issues reminder for public of importance of 'flushing' of private homes and commercial buildings  NCR
August 28 -- McBride Street gets the green light, two other roads re-opened after paving
August 28 -- After extended boil water advisory, Prince Rupert gets new water treatment facility (audio)
August 27 -- Break from the rain puts the paving machines into motion on McBride  NCR
August 27 -- City of Prince Rupert announces $22M for water treatment project
August 27 -- Rupert water funds (video)
August 27 -- Prince Rupert, Burns Lake receive funding for water infrastructure projects
August 27 -- Prince Rupert gets funding for final phase of water project 
August 27 -- Federal, Provincial funding secured for 30 million plus water treatment plans; City's share to be 8 million dollars  NCR
August 22 -- City's landfill expansion plans expected to move forward in 2020  NCR
August 21 -- Status of Road project completion dates raised by Councillor Cunningham  NCR
August 19 -- City of Prince Rupert says McBride Street project ready for pavement NCR
August 16 -- Water repairs require home flushing steps for some homeowners on Seventh Avenue East  NCR
August 14 -- Some Dog Days of road construction for Prince Rupert  NCR
August 13 -- Water Repairs to reduce traffic lances Wednesday on 5th Ave East  NCR
August 13 -- Sunny days make for good line painting days in Prince Rupert  NCR
August 2 -- City puts communication tower projects up for Bid  NCR


July 31 -- City looks towards more work at the Ridley Island landfill site  NCR
July 24 -- Prince Rupert Council hears of renewed calls for crosswalk for Park Avenue  NCR
July 19 -- The crosswalk waiting game  NCR
July 18 -- Expect delays for your morning coffee and donut at Sixth Street and Second Avenue West  NCR
July 18 -- Partnerships will blaze the trail towards a new look as part of the 2030 Prince Rupert Plan  NCR
July 15 -- A new week a new project; as George Hills Way Paving project gets underway  NCR
July 12 -- Paving plans close westbound travel along Sixth Avenue East Bridge  NCR
July 10 -- Road Work Ramps up around the city  NCR


June 24 -- Emergency repairs required for water service along 6th Avenue East  NCR
June 20 -- Prince Rupert wants to remove Second World War oil tanks from city park
June 20 -- City looks to move forward on Moresby Park tank removal plans  NCR
June 12 -- Council hears concerns that with lack of progress on landfill expansion, City of Prince Rupert risks driving revenues to Terrace  NCR
June 9 -- Road construction season moves into high gear on Monday, with work set again for McBride Street  NCR
June 6 -- Down Days ahead for the Prince Rupert Dog Park  NCR
June 3 -- City of Prince Rupert begins process for Ridley Island landfill project  NCR


May 28 -- City work crews take care of latest waterline troubles  NCR
May 27 -- 7th Avenue East Road rehabilitation project to start this week  NCR
May 17 -- Prince Rupert's Airport Ferry set to make transit back to North Coast  NCR
May 2 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks bids for summer paving projects  NCR


April 10 -- You filled up your gas tank; and now the city plans to fill some potholes and pave some roads  NCR
April 5 -- City seeks your opinion on the downtown core  NCR
April 5 -- What Prince Rupert Council may learn from their counterparts in Prince George when it comes to spending plans and how to promote them  NCR
April 4 -- City looks to move forward with Sewer and Road Work at Green and 7th Avenue East NCR


March 20 -- City's Spring Street Sweeping Program to start next week  NCR
March 25 -- One month refit for Airport Ferry to start March 28th  NCR
March 20 -- Recreation Centre Boiler replacement project reaches Request for Bids stage  NCR


February 22 -- Council to hear from Select Committee on remuneration tonight  NCR
February 19 -- Mayor, MLA make use of the weekend to hail Provincial government's funding announcement  NCR
February 16 -- Province unveils $100 million grant for Northern B.C. communities
February 16 -- Province announces $100 million grant funding for Northwest communities
February 16 -- Province of British Columbia announces capital grant program for Northwest communities  NCR


January 23 -- City Crews to block access to alleyway between Second and Third Streets to allow for sewer work  NCR
January 22 -- No Change to BOIL WATER ORDER notice, but City takes steps for day when notice is lifted NCR
January 21 -- Despite Mayor Brain's hopeful notes of Thursday; Boil Water Notice enters Day 39 NCR
January 18 -- Time for council to put the focus on the major priorities for the city  NCR
January 17 -- Mayor Brain offers new update on water situation, observes on some of the current commentary in Prince Rupert NCR
January 17 -- MLA Rice offers response to City Council's call for letters NCR
January 16 -- Council approves request to seek out grant funding for Rupert's Landing proposal  NCR
January 16 -- Advocate for Clean Water in Prince Rupert disappointed by elements of Monday's council session NCR
January 16 -- Council members suggest review of how City approached Boil Water roll out to learn for future situations NCR
January 15 -- Monday's City Council Water Review - Much of the same territory of the last month covered; along with a few new notes to share NCR
January 14 -- From the Kitchen Table to Council Chamber; Prince Rupert's water concerns shift focus to Council session tonight NCR
January 11 -- Prince Rupert's Boil Water Notice: 29 Days at 100 degrees celsius ... and counting NCR
January 7 -- City's water issues sprouts local advocacy group seeking solutions NCR
January 7 -- On Prince Rupert water issues, the North Coast MLA is more or less MIA NCR
January 6 -- Mayor's return to Facebook on the Water issue brings some new information; along with a call for civility from the public NCR
January 4 -- Lack of information puts Social media to boil on Prince Rupert water issues NCR

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