Sunday, June 9, 2019

Road construction season moves into high gear on Monday, with work set again for McBride Street

Road Information signs are in place at the Lester Centre, Third Ave West
and Sixth Avenue West set to provide guidance to motorists as
some significant road work gets underway on Monday

Some large traffic information signs have been put in place at three locations for over a week now and tomorrow morning they will flash to life, providing road information ahead for those who travel north or south on McBride Street.

The signs are posted across from the Lester Centre at McBride, Third Avenue West at McBride and on Sixth Avenue West just before the library. Each of them set to advise that once again, that one of the city's major thoroughfares is about to be torn up, this time to replace water main infrastructure in the blocks between 8th and 5th Avenues.

And yes, if you're thinking that sounds familiar, you are right, as a portion of that work site is the same stretch that was part of a major project last June.

The City outlined the impact on travel with an advisory posted to the City's website last week, among the cross streets that will be Closed and limited to local traffic only in the area around McBride will be 6th Avenue East and West, along with with Seventh Avenue East.

The primary area to be affected is at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and McBride.

Motorists through the work zone are asked to follow all posted signs and speed limits.

It's expected that the project will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete.

You can review the full notification here.

Road closures and speed reductions will be the norm for up to six
weeks as work crews take care of some aging infrastructure along
McBride street from 5th to 8th Avenue East

McBride Street is not the only construction zone of note as we head into the summer of the dig, workers from Bear Creek Construction have already begun their work on a stretch of 7th Avenue East at Green Street as new infrastructure is put in place adjacent to the new Metlakatla Elders/Seniors Village.

Green Street at Seventh Avenue East is another area where the road is closed
to all but local traffic, as work continues on water and other infrastructure 

The city outlined in May that the 7th Avenue project will take up to three months to complete.

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