Tuesday, June 11, 2019

City Council appoints Three to Prince Rupert Airport Board

The Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board saw three new appointments made this week as the City of Prince Rupert announced the three members who will begin to serve a two year term on the body that oversees the work of the city's main transportation facility.

The selections were made as part of a Closed council session on May 27th, when Cody Smith, Emerald Murphy and Antonio Vera were chosen to fill the two year term.

One position remains open and staff will continue to seek a candidate to fill that open spot on the Board.

Mr. Vera it would seem will be taking the place of Rory Mandryk who was previously on the board.

With Mr. Vera now in place as a member, that at least gives Councillor Barry Cunningham a door to knock on as he continues his quest to have some representatives of the airport come to a City Council session to provide an update for the community on the latest developments and future plans for the airport.

Despite the city's control of the Board, the body has yet to follow up on Mr. Cunningham's call of April to put some time aside for Council  and make an appearance for that update.

Some background on the Airport Authority and its duties can be found here.

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  1. I suggest that you make an attempt to verify information when reporting on themes like this instead of just gathering a few pieces of data released from the city. Good luck in the future!

  2. Well thanks for the suggestion, but the information came from the actual City Council session of Monday, June 10th. You can review the announcement at the 42 minute mark of the Council session, we have a link available on the blog as part of our Council Timeline feature for the meeting.