Friday, August 16, 2019

Water repairs require home flushing steps for some homeowners on Seventh Avenue East

Another emergency waterline repair popped up this week for the
City of Prince Rupert, with work taking place along
a one block area of Seventh Avenue East

City Work Crews have been working on an emergency water main repair on the city's east side for much of today, with crews shutting the water to homes off in the 1400 Block of 7th Avenue East.

The homes that were affected were located in the one block area that runs between Plaza and Frederick Streets.

The City returned service to the residents by 3 PM, but provided some advice for homeowners as to how they should approach the return of their water supply upon arrival at home this afternoon.

At times it seems that the City work crews are engaged in a vigorous game of whack a mole ... with one project just wrapping up, while another one or more pops through the surface in some other section of town.

A quick scan of the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page, notes that some of the busiest of city crews this summer have been those assigned to water service repairs, with a number of projects both planned and emergency in nature relayed through the last few months.

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