Friday, August 30, 2019

BC education talks break off without agreement; mediator calls for pause until September 23

After eight days of mediation, the talks between the British Columbia Teachers Federation  and British Columbia Pubic School Employers Association still have too many issues outstanding to create a new contract,  with both sides stepping away from the bargaining table today.

As a result of the current impasse, the Mediator of the discussions over the last week has called for a pause until September 23rd when the two sides will try once again to see if enough common ground is available to continue forward.

The BCPSEA posted their advisory on the state of negotiations shortly after 4 PM today

The BCTF which represents public school teachers across the province outlined their observations on today's break in the negotiations through a twitter thread, which highlighted many of their recent discussion points and concerns prior to the mediation period.

Over the next three weeks the two sides will prepare their positions and review their options further towards the September 23rd meeting with the mediator.

In the short term, it so far, is not expected to impact on the start of school next week or the first few weeks of the new school year across the province.

We will update the latest developments. as more notes become available.

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