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2019 British Columbia education negotiations archive page

Notes on the teachers negotiations since mediation began, as well as other related issues can be reviewed below:


February 4 -- BC Teachers Federation issue job action plan as contract negotiations persist
February 4 -- BCTF launches twitter info stream on themes of labour dispute  NCR
February 3 -- Teachers consider job action, remain committed to mediation - for now


January 30 -- BCTF still hopes for deal as it prepares for the worst
January 30 -- Dave Harper launches campaign for BCTF presidency
January 25 -- Union 'wants to be at the table hammering out a deal': BCTF president
January 24 -- With little movement in teacher's talks, BCTF membership reportedly reviewing next steps   NCR
January 24 -- BC teachers union tells members strike planning has begun
January 23 -- BC teachers to vote on job action plan this month, which could lead to full-scale strike
January 23 -- Leaked BCTF memo details stages toward provincewide teachers' strike
January 22 -- BC teachers' demands for pay increase don't square with balanced budget, finance minister says
January 20 -- BC education minister optimistic 2020 a 'breakthrough year' for teacher contract talks
January 7 -- Richmond teachers still working under old contract

December 2

BCTF President talks contact during special meeting with Delta teachers

November 25

BC NDP leaders seem unperturbed by BCTF attacks

November 23

BC Teachers Federation protests outside BC NDP convention
BC Teachers' Federation runs information campaign outside BC NDP convention
BC Teachers rally outside NDP convention after rejecting contract offer
Teachers upstage NDP love-in with demonstration outside Victoria Conference Centre
Battle over BC teachers' new contract continues at NDP convention

November 22 

Horgan calls for patience on some promises as BCTF gathers for protest

November 20

New BCTF ad exposes serious consequences of teacher shortage

November 17

Gloves are off: Teachers want more from their labour friendly government

November 15

Parents are caught in the middle of a broken labour bargaining system

November 14

Year one as SD52's chair: Horne on new curriculum, PRMS building, teacher's strike

November 12

Prince Rupert District Teachers' Union demand letter of support from SD52 board
Teachers  reject Mediators Report as contract negotiations stall  NCR
BCTF President still searching for the right deal

November 9 

BC Teachers' union rejects mediator's recommendation to accept contract
BC teachers reject mediators recommendation to settle contract

November 8 

BC teachers' union rejects mediator recommendations, seeks more bargaining
BC teachers reject mediator's recommendations for contract settlement with employer
Legacy of failure with BCTF isn't restricted to one political party
BCTF rejects mediator's recommendations for settlement
BC Teachers' union rejects settlement recommendation from mediator

November 6

'Disconnect' between BC teachers, employers making bargaining difficult: mediator

October 28 

"Out of the red for B.C. ed," demands Prince Rupert teachers' union

October 18

Prince Rupert's Correspondence Course in Teacher/Government labour negotiations  NCR

October 17

How do you like these NDP apples MLA Rice?
Teachers versus the province: Part II

October 15 

Premier 'hopeful' negotiations between BC teachers, employer can be resolved
BCTF raises concerns about teacher shortage
BC Teachers' pay now at the heart of stalled contract negotiations

October 14 

BC hundreds of teachers short, six weeks into semester

October 12

Understanding BC Teachers' Federation vs the Province of B. C. (Part 1)

October 11 

An apple for teacher, as MLA Rice brings NDP talking points to Teachers' Contract Dispute  NCR

October 8

"We need to compare apple to apples," MLA Rice responds to teachers' rally

October 4

Leak suggests major stumbling block between BC teachers, employer out of the way
Teachers' Federation cries foul over public statement on negotiations

September 30 

Prince Rupert Teachers' Union rally outside MLA Rice's Office

September 19

Surrey Teachers' Association rallies about bargaining agreements at NDP MLA offices

September 17

No deal yet between teachers, province

September 16

Contracts, time and money: the largest issues that educators face in the world of labour

September 10

A long history of bargaining class size and composition

September 9

BCTF President visits Fort St. John to discuss on-going negotiations

September 7 

Richmond teachers back in classrooms under old contract

September 4

Teachers still negotiating deal as school year begins

September 3 

BC teachers head back to class amid stalled contract negotiations
Contract talks between BCTF and Public School Employers Association to resume this month

September 2

B.C. teachers returning to school without contract

September 1

School returns in BC with uncertainty surrounding contract for teachers

August 30

BC teacher contracts on hold until after school year starts
Mediation between teachers and public employers halted until late September
Bargaining between BC teachers and province paused for 3 weeks
BC education talks break off without agreement; mediator calls for pause until September 23  NCR
BC Teacher contract negotiation still without resolution
MLA's to get mail, mail and more mail on themes of teacher's negotiations  NCR
BC education minister optimistic about negotiated deal with teachers, new curriculum

August 29
Here's to a great school year (and what parent's need to know about collective bargaining)

August 28

BC Teachers, government agree on program support for most vulnerable students
BC Education minister expects 'normal' start to school year amidst teacher contract dispute

August 27


August 26 


August 24 & 25

Independent schools provide options 'a single, government-run school monopoly cannot provide'

August 23


August 22

Mediated talks underway between BCTF and Public School Employers Association
'Plenty of time for a deal': Teachers' union expects kids back in school on September 3

August 21

Offer to BC teachers surpassed standard 2 percent raise, confidential memo says
BC teachers and government start mediated negotiations

August 20


August 19

BC teachers head to bargaining table with 2 weeks until start of school year
Vancouver School Board avoids funding debate while teachers and province bargain
BC Teachers' Federation in talks with government as school year nears
Mediated bargaining starts Monday for BC teachers

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