Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Some Sandspit residents currently under Water Quality Advisory

Today marks a one week anniversary for a Water Quality advisory for some Sandspit residents, with North Coast Regional District having issued the advisory last week for a limited number of residences in the Sandspit water service area.

It was put in place on August 14th due to an increased level of arsenic found in water samples collected from well PW00-5 in the Sandspit community water system. 

This water quality advisory affects those residences located south of the Park Rd. and Dover Rd. intersection.

The Regional District advisory further outlines the nature of the Sandspit water supply system and notes how the well in question supplies 16 percent of the community water systems's total production.

Water in the Sandspit community water system is provided from 3 well sources, identified as wells PW00-5, PW00-7, and PW00-9. These wells were installed as part of the water system in 2000. Well Pw00-5 supplies approximately 16% of the community water system’s total water production. Well Pw00-5 is located in the community water system’s lower aquifer just to the north of the Sandspit Golf Course.

The nature of the advisory also explores what options that the residents have, though it makes a point of noting that Boiling water may actually increase the concentration of arsenic.

The Full advisory for that area of Sandspit can be reviewed here.

Northern Health has listed the current hazard as low, with a list of past inspection reports included with their notice of the Water Quality Advisory

The Park Road area water advisory is not the sole warning in place for the community a longer standing Boil Water Notice has been in place for a number of years now for the Sandspit Airport Water System

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