Thursday, August 22, 2019

Biggar Place Rezoning request moves one step closer to success

The prospect of change for zoning on Biggar place is in the final
stages after Monday's City Council Session

With a Public Hearing out of the way and third reading for the Bylaw request for a zoning change complete, the process of changing a number of lots along Biggar Place from residential to commercial is almost complete.

On Monday, Prince Rupert City Council hosted their public consultation on the request, with the Public Hearing related to the zoning change taking place prior to the Monday Council session.

City Planner Zeno Krekic provided for the first indication that there seems to be little concern over the rezoning request from the public, noting that during the lead up to the Public Hearing, the city had received no inquiries over the counter at City Hall, or correspondences to the Planning Department Office.

Following the City Planner's short review of the key elements of the zoning request, Mayor Lee Brain called for public comment on the topic, a request for contributions from the public which found no interested parties, bringing a rather quick end to the Public hearing portion of the night.

No members of the public came forward on Monday to offer comment
or concern over proposed zoning changes for lots on Biggar Place

The process then was brought forward during the Regular Council session, with no Council members raising items of interest or concern, the required bylaws then cruised through third reading.

The final approval process will come at a future Council session, with all indications suggesting that the land will soon be put into the Commercial category, though not much will happen to it in the short term.

As we learned from previous Council sessions, the owners, Marogna Enterprises have not yet outline any plans so far as to the fate of the land and any development planned for it.

You can review Mr. Krekic's final comments as part of the Public hearing from the City's Video Archive starting at the very start of Monday's Council Session.

We explored much of the background and past Council sessions related to the zoning change as part of our preview of Council on Monday.

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