Monday, August 26, 2019

Prince Rupert Golf Course prepares to Tee Up a Super Weekend of Golf for mid September

The Prince Rupert Golf Course is set to make the weekend of September 14-15 an event destination weekend, with plans to have four tournaments take place over the course of a 48 hour period on Saturday and Sunday.

The Super Weekend of Golf on the North Coast came about after Club organizers had to scratch the Vic Marion Seniors Tourney off the list for this past weekend owing to the deluge of last week.

As we noted on the blog last week, the decision meant finding a new date for the popular Senior's event and that sparked the concept of what will be the Biggest weekend for the sport this year coming up in mid September.

The ambitious plan for four events however makes for the need for some careful logistical planning from tournament organizers, who will be setting the table for the following North Coast events:

The Duffers Golf Tournament with an entry fee of 80 dollars, the event includes a Saturday night Banquet and a Duffers Prize Table.

The Vic Marion Seniors Tournament, also with an entry fee of 80 dollars, which includes a Saturday night Banquet and the Seniors' Prize Table.

Should you wish to play in both of those tournament the entry fee will be $120 dollars including the banquets and prize tables.

Also set for the September 14-15 weekend:

The Ladies' Club Championship  featuring a ten dollar entry fee payable to Carol Schaeffer, though no with no banquet.

The Mens' Club Championship, that tourney has a 20 dollar entry fee, payable to the Pro Shop, again there will be no banquet for that event.

You can find out more information about all of the events from the helpful members of the Prince Rupert Golf Course Pro Shop.

The Golf Club has also scaled back some of the available hours for golfers this week as they look to provide a little maintenance to the course, as a result there will only be nine hole available for play (which nine has still to be decided)  from Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

The work to be done is in the form of Aeration of the course, a helpful video provided by the Golf Club's Doug Kydd provides a glimpse into the magic of Aeration.

You can find more information on Golf Course developments and upcoming events from the PRGC website and Facebook page.

More notes on golfing in the Northwest  can be found from our archive page.

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