Friday, August 16, 2019

Port CEO highlights achievements of Port for American trade journal

When it comes to keeping up on the world of global shipping, there's no better source that the Journal of Commerce, the American publication which keeps its finger firmly on the pulse of the global supply chain and port developments.

The  publication recently dug into its video archives and featured the comments of Shaun Stevenson, the President and CEO of the Port of Prince Rupert, speaking to the port official earlier this year, catching up with some of the developments from late 2018 and the Port's plans for this year and on into the future.

The video, which was posted to the JOC website on Thursday, was  taken from the TPM conference of March.

And while it offers up no new information for those of us living on the North Coast, it does provide a glimpse at some of the interest that the Port is generating in the United States, as well as other shipping nations.

The exposure through the publication will boost the port's profile and help its team attract more potential partners for future development.

The Journal of Commerce's Alessandra Barrett interviews Mr. Stevenson and among the themes were a review of some of the challenges through the years to develop the new shipping gateway and the success that has been found in recent years as the port continues to expand its footprint.

For those looking to pay for a subscription to the industrial publication, the full archive of Port projects is available as part of their information flow.

You can review more of our past notes on the Port's evolution over the years from our archive page here.

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