Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Cafe plans the latest addition for new Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre expansion

Rupert Lawn and Garden hosted a Thank You celebration for their customers at their Seal Cove location on Wednesday, with Gitmaxmak'ay  Nisga'a Economic Development CEO Blair Mirau taking the opportunity to share some of the plans ahead for the popular Garden centre.

In his address for those attending today's celebration he outlined the scope of the work ahead for Rupert Wood and Steel Construction which recently signed a contract with the Society for the work ahead.

As part of his comments, Mirau noted that the existing structure will be demolished starting this coming Monday, turning the current site into an active construction zone.

He then provided a preview of some of the new features for the new location, upon its completed by the Spring of 2020. With a larger selection of indoor plants and the opportunity to provide for bulk sales of top soil, the first time that will be available locally.

They also plan to introduce a new cafe based along the concept found in Smithers at Bugwood Bean, which inspired Rupert and Lawn and Garden to incorporate the cafe concept for its new Seal Cove footprint. With the local version set to offer coffee, juices, salads, soups and sandwiches all to be available when the new location opens in the spring.

Hiring for that addition will take place in April with the Grand Opening set for May, with Rupert Lawn and Garden looking for suggestions for a name for the cafe.

As Seal Cove becomes a construction zone,  the Rupert Lawn and Garden is set to take over some space in the downtown area, setting up in some temporary digs at the old Four Seasons Flower shop on Third Avenue West, directly across from City Hall.

They are calling the downtown venture the Pop Up Plant Shoppe, making for a form of a  miniature Garden centre with houseplants, fertilizer and other accessories.

That location will open up with a Traditional Blessing Ceremony taking place on Friday, September 6th.

Rupert Lawn and Garden posted some of his update to their Facebook page

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