Sunday, August 18, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending August 18, 2019

The continuation of a provincial program to provide for driver instruction for residents of First Nations communities in the Northwest, made for the most read story of the week, as a large audience explored our notes on Advanced Education Minister Melanie Mark's announcement from of Terrace this week.

The Federal political scene also was of note this week, with a good sample of our readers exploring our story on Green candidate Mike Sawyer's latest LNG submission of some interest.

A walk by the Prince Rupert Fire hall, offered a showcase of some of their fleet, as well as to remind us that a number of past discussion topics on fire protection in the community could use an update from City Council members.

With Back to School now less than three weeks away, labour issues are percolating as the BCTF and BCPSEA prepare for mediation meetings before the month comes to and end.

This week also brought much interest towards the upcoming rebuild for the Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre at Seal Cove, with both our stories of the week finding a large audience.

However, the top item of the last seven days, is a political one, with the roll out of the next phase of the NDP government's approach towards driver education for Indigenous communities.

Province to partner with Terrace based Driving Academy to deliver Free Indigenous driving training in Northwest --  The second phase of a provincial program to provide driver instruction to First Nations residents across the region, was introduced this week in Terrace by Advanced Education Minister Melanie Mark.   (posted August 15, 2019)

That article was followed by:

Green candidate Mike Sawyer submits letter of comment to NEB on Second Kitimat LNG proposal -- With the federal election campaign now underway, Green candidate Mike Sawyer is finding that the days aren't quite long enough to fit in political campaigning and environmental activism.  (posted  August 12, 2019)

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue put newest fleet additions on display; while some old topics remain unresolved -- The recent string of sunny days, made for some Car Show moments for the Prince Rupert Fire Department, which showcased some of its fleet outside the fire hall this week.  The display did serve to stir our memories however, reminding us that City Council still has a few updates to share when it comes to some previous notes of controversy.     (posted August  14, 2019)

School preparation, employment openings and labour issues all set to converge on September 3rd for SD52 -- While students and parents may be in the final countdown towards the start of school, some outstanding labour issues may make for a new narrative to the back to school story by the end of Labour Day. (posted  August 13, 2019)

Prince Rupert contractor gains contract award for Rupert Lawn and Garden renovations -- The week wrapped up with some more background on the upcoming renovations for the Rupert Lawn and Garden Centre. The first of our two items on the topic from earlier in the week also brought some strong audience numbers.     (posted  August 16, 2019)

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