Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue put newest fleet additions on display; while some old topics remain unresolved

Shiny and mostly new, the PRFD had much
of the fleet out in the sun this week

The Sunny days make for good viewing days for those looking to check out the ongoing upgrades for the City of Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Department

All of the City's fire apparatus was on display outside the City's First Avenue West Fire station this week and provided a good opportunity to see some of the new additions to the City's Fleet.

In recent years, the Fire Department has added a new pumper unit, new ladder truck, Squad Response Truck and Incident command vehicles to the new acquisitions list.

The catalogue of new arrivals and upgrades is chronicled through some of the past Annual Reports from the City of Prince Rupert.

Meet the fleet, much of the City of Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue
vehicles have been replaced over the last four years.

When it comes to the latest notes from the Fire Department however, the flow of information has not been quite as timely as it could be, or as hoped for from some council members.

Despite frequent calls from City Councillor Barry Cunningham for more public engagement from civic departments, there hasn't been an update on Fire protection for Council for a few years now.

The last appearance from Fire Chief Dave McKenzie coming in April of 2018, when the City rolled out its new Information service

One topic on the Fire Department that caught our eye this year, but never did seem to get any form of public airing from Council, was that of a report from the Fire Chief related to proposed changes to the city's level of fire protection.

As we noted in February,  at the time Council chose to take the report to some kind of workshop process, with the topic never again mentioned in public session since.

Another area of interest that hasn't brought much more public note from City Council  is the status of their relationship with the Port Edward Department and the recent dispute over mutual aid between the two communities.

That too, was a topic which never generated much public discussion during City Council sessions.

However, those are just a few items which considering the importance that Fire Services have for the community, surely deserves some kind of a public update from the Mayor and council collective.

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