Monday, August 19, 2019

Winter is coming ... Sooner for some, than others this weekend!

For the second morning in a row,
the Northeast near Fort Nelson gets a surprise

While we had a gentle reminder this weekend with some rain that summer is soon to come to an end, up in the Northeastern corner of British Columbia, the reminder was much more in their face ... with a healthy dumping of snow, making for winter driving conditions around the Fort Nelson area on Sunday.

Drive BC's  collection of Highway camera's provided some of the testimonials this morning, the weather system seemed to pick and choose its stopovers, usually in the higher elevations, with some areas surrounding Fort Nelson still somewhat green ... while others were in the midst of Snowfall warnings

The sudden shift to Winter from the weekend, serving to remind us that August is just another month in name only, with summer, for the weekend anyways a season that was banished from memories for a few hours.

With temperatures this week of Seventeen for Prince Rupert and Terrace , we don't have to quite think about Winter Tires, Snow Shovelling and Ice melt just yet.

But clearly, as anyone in For Nelson may be able to attest to, the days of summer are quickly closing and yes that chilly wind in the Northwest this morning is a sign  that Winter is coming ...

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