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Industrial Development 2019 -- Port of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to the operation, expansion and proposed developments of the Port of Prince Rupert

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Prince Rupert Port Authority Community involvement


December 20 -- Port of Prince Rupert seeks comments on plans to add bunkering operations NCR
December 19 -- Jingle Boat Express lands some significant jingle for Salvation Army  NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert City Vision 2030  (video)
December 13 -- Port of Prince Rupert expands on plans for Seal Cove redevelopment  NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority announces Seal Cove restoration project
December 13 -- Collaboration the focus for Prince Rupert 2030 Announcements, setting the template for the future as program of civic renewal moves forward NCR
December 12 -- PRPA Community Investment Fund hits its target once again
December 12 -- Port of Prince Rupert celebrates Green Wave success with awards for four vessels  NCR
December 10 -- New investment into the Prince Rupert Rod and Gun Club
December 10 -- Port's Community Investment Funding is on target for Prince Rupert Rod and Gun Club  NCR
December 9 -- Prince Rupert Labour market on the rise
December 9 -- Job openings in Prince Rupert projected to increase three times provincial average
December 9 -- redesign rupert's labour market study highlights accelerated growth and demand for jobs anticipated for Prince Rupert  NCR
December 5 -- New Prince Rupert Port Authority vessel honours Ts'msyen culture
December 5 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority unveils new vessel
December 5 -- The Amwaal is celebrated as newest patrol vessel joins the Port of Prince Rupert's fleet  NCR
December 3 -- Port of Prince Rupert looks to reimagine Atlin Terminal's Interpretive Centre NCR
December 2 -- New York Times feature charts travels of merchant sailoers and the life they live at sea  NCR


November 22  -- Port Authority Land Use update, seeking community input
November 7 -- Port of Prince Rupert launches public engagement process on future Land Use planning  NCR
November 4 -- Chinese led LNG project in Terrace thinks 'Inside the Box" for Shipments out of Port of Prince Rupert  NCR


October 28 -- Port Update in Smithers makes note of prospects for increased train traffic through region  NCR
October 22 -- Terrace learns about Bit Crude (video)
October 18 -- Rupert Port funding for salmon projects (video)
October 18 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority makes investment in support of salmon stocks and habitat NCR


September 27 -- Port of Prince Rupert refreshes website, introduces new logo and branding as Canada's Leading Edge
September 27 -- Northwestern municipal leaders want more rules around rail safety (audio)
September 26 -- Bitumen exports (video)
September 26 -- Melius Energy provides safe alternative for transporting bitumen
September 26 -- Bitumen shipped to Port of Prince Rupert
September 26 -- Port of Prince Rupert's view on prospect of containerized bitumen shipments: Proof of concept, but unknown if it will prove viable  NCR
September 26 -- Prince Rupert's Northwest Gateway tests the waters; hosts transit of a test run for containerized bitumen shipments  NCR
September 12 -- New Conrad Playground gets Grand Opening Celebration  NCR
September 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority helps out in securing new Fast Response SAR Vessel for Haida Gwaii  NCR
September 5 -- Federal Funding to help move forward three major infrastructures projects for Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
September 4 -- Port of Prince Rupert appoints Frans Tjallingi to position of Chair of the Board  NCR


August 29 -- Port remains positive on job prospects for Prince Rupert  NCR
August 28 -- ILWU report on automation paints a future of lost BC Waterfront jobs and significant imp0act on local economies  NCR
August 16 -- Port CEO highlights achievements of Port for American trade journal  NCR


July 30 -- Port Jobs Surge (video)
July 30 -- Port related jobs on the rise in Northern BC
July 30 -- Port related employment up 1000 since 2016, according to study
July 30 -- Port employment jumps by 1,000 in two years
July 30 -- Study shows job growth related to Prince Rupert Port
July 30 -- Impact of increased trade through Port of Prince Rupert creating jobs, driving economic activity NCR
July 27 -- Brand new kitchen for Prince Rupert Friendship House
July 26 -- Friendship House kitchen (video)
July 26 -- Port provides over $94,000 for Friendship House kitchen facelift 
July 26 -- Prince Rupert's Friendship House Gets New Kitchen through Community Investment Fund
July 26 -- Friendship House gains boost to Kitchen services through Port's Community Investment fund  NCR
July 25 -- Alberta petrochemical company eyes Prince George for Polyethylene plant; with potential global exports through Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 23 -- Whale 101 for Boaters coming this Thursday at Port Interpretive Centre  NCR
July 19 -- Strong numbers continue for Port of Prince Rupert Terminals in June  NCR
July 3 -- Play time! Conrad Park playground opens to the public
July 2 -- Votes are in ... ILWU accepts new contract with BCMEA  NCR
July 2 -- Port Edward Tot park (video)
July 2 -- Port of Prince Rupert helps put the play into Port Edward Playground  NCR 


June 25 -- Prince Rupert Seafarers Mission celebrates the Sailor on International Day of the Seafarer
June 25 -- Day of the Seafarer offers opportunity to think of the world's mariners who arrive Prince Rupert daily  NCR
June 20 -- Storey's excavating takes stand at Ridley Island burn trial, did not review provincial open burn policy
June 20 -- Don Krusel's blue prints taking root in Quebec City  NCR 
June 19 -- Transport Canada reveals more details on 2018 leak at northern BC port
June 18 -- Rupertport APM (video)
June 18 -- The Port of Prince Rupert hosts 2018 Annual Public Meeting
June 18 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority hits record cargo volume but a decline in revenues for 2018
June 18 -- Building a Better Canada through trade, Building better communities: Port of Prince Rupert's APM highlights year of achievement, promise of future  NCR
June 12 -- Ridley Island burn trial continues, thoroughness of conservationist's investigation questioned
June 11 -- Video of burnt treated materials shown on day one of Prince Rupert Port Authority trial
June 11 -- Ridley Terminals, Port of Prince Rupert prepare for Annual Report season next week  NCR
June 11 -- Port of Prince Rupert, Industrial partners back in court as environmental cases move forward  NCR
June 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Board of Directors welcomes two new appointees
June 10 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority appoints pair of directors
June 6 -- Port Board gets another New Director
June 6 -- Port of Prince Rupert makes one more change to the membership of the Board of Directors  NCR
June 4 -- CN Rail CEO eyes acquisitions as railway boosts three-year profit goals
June 3 -- Peter Lantin selected as newest member of the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Board of Directors
June 1 -- Former president of the Haida Nation joins Prince Rupert Port Authority's board of directors
June 1 -- Peter Lantin joins Board of Directors for the Port of Prince Rupert  NCR


May 30 -- As short lived lockout ends, trade flows again through Fairview Terminal  NCR
May 30 -- Westcoast port worker lockout short-lived
May 30 -- BC court asks Crown for more specifics on when fish died during port construction
May 30 -- Port workers locked out province wide, but Prince Rupert port remains operational
May 29 -- BC Ports could be locked out Thursday morning
May 29 -- Major port disruption possible Thursday as lockout looms
May 28 -- ILWU backs away from striking at Vancouver port
May 28 -- Coast long shutdown looms for BC's ports, as employers head towards lockout  NCR
May 24 -- BC Port workers set to strike on Monday in Vancouver
May 24 -- ILWU reportedly set to act on strike mandate with job action at two Vancouver terminals on Monday  NCR
May 21 -- $55,000 plus Port investment Fund contribution helps Lax Kw'alaams Search and Rescue  NCR
May 16 -- Port of Prince Rupert's plans are staggering
May 14 -- Prince Rupert port plan outlines major growth potential
May 13 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Container Terminal Master Planning confirms potential of second terminal identified as next phase of development
May 13 -- Potential for 6-7 million TEU's with Port's Master planning for Prince Rupert waterfront  NCR
May 13 -- Membership gives ILWU strong mandate for job action if required  NCR
May 9 -- ILWU hold vote seeking mandate for possible job action   NCR


April 25 -- Responding to the Port Authority on anchor dragging  (Letter to NV editor)
April 18 -- Port authority responds to anchor dragging letter (Letter to NV editor)
April 18 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority to ask for letter of support from City on Supply Chain initiative  NCR
April 17 -- Major Terminals on the waterfront show increased shipments through first three months at Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
April 8 -- Prince Rupert's Nautical Welcome Wagon celebrates the first arrival of the Captain Haddock  NCR
April 1 -- Major shipping service added to Port of Prince Rupert


March 29 -- New arrival at Port of Prince Rupert
March 29 -- Fairview Terminal adds ZIM shipping line to list of marine carriers  NCR
March 19 -- Port of Prince Rupert looks for community feedback on proposed changes to Port Information Guide  NCR
March 11 -- Trial dates edge closer for Port DP World facing fisheries charges
March 8 -- Canola in Chinas' Cross hairs  NCR


February 29 -- Port sharing the Prince Rupert advantage at major retail conference in Florida  NCR
February 28 --Anchors Aweigh: Council hears concerns over anchorage positions in Prince Rupert harbour NCR
February 21 -- Alberta methanol plant to ship product through Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
February 20 -- Trans Canada dips a toe back into Prince Rupert's LNG waters  NCR
February 19 -- TransCanada exploring Prince Rupert project restart
February 15 -- Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project searches for partners
February 7 -- Cargo Logistics Convention offers chance for Rupert Port to show the flag  NCR
February 4 -- Three week applications window opens for Port of Prince Rupert Student Summer Jobs program  NCR


January 28 -- Containers, Coal and Wood Pellets lead the way in Port of Prince Rupert December and Year End numbers  NCR
January 24 -- Port addresses concerns over Totem Pole on Lelu Island; while highlighting its administrative control of the island  NCR
January 21 -- Lelu Future (video)
January 21 -- Port has no plans for Lelu Island totem pole
January 20 -- Kid-friendly ski day at Shames
January 18 -- PRPA Leu Island Moratorium (video)
January 18 -- Applause for Port's Lelu Island announcement from MLA Rice  NCR
January 18 -- More exported goods needed for Terrace transloading facility 'financially viable,' according to report
January 17 -- Development moratorium issued by Prince Rupert Port Authority
January 17 -- Development moratorium issued by Prince Rupert Port Authority for Flora, Agnew and Horsey Banks
January 17 -- Port Authority announces moratorium on Industrial development near Lelu Island
January 17 -- Port Authority imposes ban on development around Lelu Island
January 17 -- With Port of Prince Rupert moratorium, Lelu Island marine areas to be off limits for future development  NCR
January 17 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority announce development moratorium on Flora, Agnew and Horsey Banks (Port of PR statement)
January 15 -- Port of Prince Rupert seeks member for Community Information Forum process  NCR
January 14 -- Port seeks applications for 2019 Community Investment Fund consideration NCR
January 10 -- Prince Rupert port invests in salmon (video)
January 8 -- Prince Rupert Port to provide a million dollars for Skeena salmon
January 8 -- Prince Rupert Port announces $1M for Skeena River salmon
January 8 -- Port of Prince Rupert Community investment fund commits to Skeena salmon  NCR
January 8 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority commits $1 Million for Investment in Skeena River Salmon (Port of PR statement)

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