Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Port of Prince Rupert looks for community feedback on proposed changes to Port Information Guide

The Port of Prince Rupert is about to revise their Information Guide and before they make plans to publish the guide, they are looking for some feedback from the community.

The updates to the guide that the Port are proposing cover a range of topics, among some of the elements on that list include:

Port Performance, Development Activity, Traffic Updates, Environmental Updates, Commercial Vessel restrictions, recreational guidelines, Navigational Warnings and guidelines related to speed and no wake zones.

The last update to the guide took place in December of 2017 and you can review that document here.

The draft document was released last week and that has started a thirty day countdown for contribution from the public, with the final day for comments to come on April 14th.

The Guide covers  pretty well ever aspect of Port Operations, offering notes of interest for visiting vessel captains and their shipping lines, covering off everything from operations procedures to what those looking to host marine events on the Prince Rupert waterfront need to know.

Anchorages, which have been a topic in the news of late also make for a portion of the report, with a detailed review of assignment of anchorage positions and policies that are in place regarding their use. A detailed review of navigational procedure also is part of the documentation.

The Draft document is divided into seven categories

Introduction, contact information and regulations
Notification, Documentation and reporting
Port Description and Navigation
Port Safety and Security
Nautical Services and Communication
Port Operations
Port Services

Should you have anything to contribute to the process you can submit your comments to harbour@rupertport.com

To Download and review the elements to the Draft proposals see the Port of Prince Rupert website here.

For more notes related to the Port of Prince Rupert see our archive page here.

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