Monday, March 18, 2019

BC Government delivers funding for two Prince Rupert Arts groups

The Province of British Columbia rolled out some more funding towards Arts and Culture programs in the Northwest last week, with two Prince Rupert organizations sharing from the province's funding program.

The Northern British Columbia Museum Association received $41,300 as part of last weeks announcement,

Also receiving some cash was the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council received a cash injection of $37,319.

The news was shared through North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's office on Friday, with the MLA also highlighting the financial boost that will be found for organizations on Haida Gwaii and the Central Coast.

The money comes out of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture with Minister Lisa Beare, noting how the arts help to connect British Columbians to their communities.

“B.C. is so fortunate to have an incredibly talented arts and culture community. This new funding will open doors for artists, writers and creators across the province, so they can continue to inspire and engage us all. Investing in a dynamic creative economy is another way we are helping to build strong, connected communities and make life better in B.C.”

The Museum of Northern British Columbia was one of a number of
organizations on the North Coast and Haida Gwaii to receive
funding from the province last week

In February, the Museum of Northern British Columbia provided a presentation to Prince Rupert City Council, outlining some of the latest news from the First Avenue West museum, as well as to provide a glimpse as to how they make use of funding from the City of Prince Rupert and the province towards their operations.

You can review our notes on that presentation here.

A full list of all provincial funding from recent years is available here, providing a good overview as to how the money for arts is being distributed across the province.

There is a new round of funding soon to be launched with April Deadlines of note for those looking to participate, you can learn more about the programs for the Arts here.

More items of note related to community events and organizations can be found on our archive page here.

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